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Yes, I know its a ripoff from DBZ. This is a tribute to their unique style of fighting.
Sorry about the file size though. But more than 5 action packed minutes will make up for that!

"The hairstyles are odd, even by DBZ standards."

Special thanks to PhantomArcade for replacement music and credits video editing.

Enjoy the slaughter!

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Yeah, the hairstyles are pretty odd, even by the series standards. I still remember that the original series was goofy at times, of course. The styles don't look good, but the actual cartoon is great. It's wonderful to see how something so old holds up. The music is rather suiting too. I wish I knew these characters' names.

You actually did get pretty unique designs for these guys. Everything moves quite fluidly. I like how you try to put somewhat of a story in this. The colors are really nice. Some animation could flow better, but it's still really impressive.

Haha - nice use of my Dungeon Keeper 2 music :D

it reminds me of dbz

This video is still as awesome I remembered it, but it's a damn shame that nothing new came out of it. I'd love to see the sequel to this if it's ever being made!

Its funny, everytime I listen to Korn I picture this fight in my head. When I was kid this was one of the best videos I ever saw on the web.