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Reviews for "Brutality"

This video is still as awesome I remembered it, but it's a damn shame that nothing new came out of it. I'd love to see the sequel to this if it's ever being made!

Its funny, everytime I listen to Korn I picture this fight in my head. When I was kid this was one of the best videos I ever saw on the web.

Man... so sad we never got a sequel on this thing. I just googled McFretn for those wondering, and the last time he stated he wouldn't do the sequel was in 2002, so... yeah, this is pretty much dead. :(

"A lot of people requested me to create a sequel to brutality.
I attempted to create Brutality: Power overwhelming several times but it
just didnt turn out the way i wanted it to. And so i finally gave up
on it. I feel sorry to keep a project unfinished but for me, there was
no other option since i cant do anything good when im not motivated."


Damn shame. But this is still a timeless masterpiece to me, hence the 5 stars.

After so many years I'm still waiting for second part :)

So many years later and I still find it awesome. Seriously though! Where's the continuation McFretN?! =D