Reviews for "Brutality"


yo i liked wht u made

Good Times back then.

This was the video that got me listening to KoRn, I remember watching this back in 2002 or 2003. Way before I created a NG account. Good to see this vid again, I had dial up back then too, so it took like 15-20 minutes to load. Ahh the memories.


DUDE! I remember watching this YEARS ago when I was a kid, I loved this flash!! =D Awesome!

the best

the best pople the best

Wish there was a second

I always come back and watch this flash, because its 1 of my favorites on this site. It's just to bad there will most likely never be a second 1. But I remember the first time watching this too, O yay dial-up taking over 30 minutes to down load this flash, those were the good old days in 2002-2003. xD