Reviews for "Brutality"


total awesomeness

Great DBZ Action!

I really like this video. The animation is great, I dont care what anyone says. The music went perfectly with this, even after the Korn song was over. I am a big fan of DBZ so it didn't bother me that this resembled the fighting. This is one of my favorite Newground submissions.


I personnal thought that for 2D animation it was done pretty well and the Song by KORN was absolutly perfect. It gave it a real epic feel the only bad thing I can say is that the song change in the middle of it kind of hurt the mood but other than that i say well done.


good job but the animation was crap

Badass =3

I just dont like the way you make them stand like that.
but the rest, awesome. It's so disturbing and badass especially cause of the music. =D