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Bad news is there wont be a part 6.
Good news is the series will be remade and fully told.

the majority of part 6 was lost in a computer crash back in the day, which pissed me off enough to quit.
Dead Rain has been a great learning experience for me, it was my first animation and you can see it get better with each episode as I learned.

There is so much more to the story than was shown in these 5 episodes, its really long and epic. The remake will have all of that plus some changes for the better. For example; Clemens having a much larger and involved role :) The remake will probably be in Comic book form.

When will it be made?
I don't know yet.

Whats left of the lost episodes can be seen on my website, so go check it out if your curious.

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dude everything is awesome there is a lot of progress everything is better The animation, The Music(in the part 1 there wasnt a lot of music) and the voices and dont do a remake just do the part 6 we dont want you to work a lot and its 2019 you have everything you need if you have no idea call me i have two scenario one for a good ending and the other for a bad im working for a neutral one (and its been 2007 now its 2019 so like i cant imagine the progress)

SickDeathFiend responds:

I haven't decided yet if it will just be part 6 or a remake, but one day I do want to return to Dead Rain for sure.

You a fan of Tsutomu Nihei's Manga? I feel like some of your work is inspired by his very dark and gothic form of art.
And Knights of Sidonia
But that last one is just another trope filled Mecha show, not my favorite...
But your creations are certainly 'industrial' and 'Gothic'.
Do you think you could ever recommend any anime or manga you like?
I know I'm not the only one who would want this.

SickDeathFiend responds:

I really liked the GANTZ manga

Still love it though I may need help finding that comic and the rest of these episodes.

Love it overall though.

Time flies but this is still entertaining as always. :)

I have to say that this entry in this sadly incomplete series is fantastic. I also enjoyed the fact that apparently, many non-human animals really aren't affected by the B.M. virus since maggots are seen feasting on both eye sockets of one of the zombies, thus indicating that at the very least, bugs likes flies, spiders, centipedes, etc. are not zombies but may turn into vectors for the virus instead (like how the black plague was spread by fleas from rats), thus providing another way for the virus to spread. There's a minor nitpick though. Since Riggs was bitten by zombies at least twice in episode 4 and maybe numerous other times in this episode judging from the number of wounds on his torso after the explosion, how is he going to be ok after Revna and his group capture him? The B.M. virus is a synthetic manmade plague, thus he likely has no natural immunity to infection from it, thus he's still going to be infected unless those military types cure him of it first. Either way, due the fact that this series is incomplete and hasn't been worked on in over a decade, this makes for a rather dower ending. However, I did enjoy revisiting this series and hope that you would continue it someday. Fantastic job!

I found this to be the best in the series! I certainly think it earned its Daily Feature. It seemed like this would be an appropriate end. Then you thrown in that unresolved stuff. Well, I guess you could compare it to TTA. Speaking of which, why haven't the TOME episodes been on this website?

The best part was probably how good the designs were. These are some really unique looking zombie. I was a bit grossed out by the naked female one. The voice acting's quite good. You do get a fairly good feel for these characters.

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Dec 2, 2003
10:27 PM EST
  • Daily Feature December 4, 2003