Reviews for "(old vers)Dead Rain 5"

dude you should totaly pick this up again... a year + is more than enough time to figure out everything and recreate your work... even make it better.... or at least put a post to the comics or whatever

Hmm, that's too bad. You really lost Episode 6 in a computer crash? I can't seem to find a date when this movie was submitted. Has enough time passed where you now know what is to become of this series? Be it comic book form or otherwise? I'm curious as to what form this series has taken and if it's still cool, how to obtain it. ^w^




c'mon now continue it even if it keeps getting lost! 'cause THE ONLY FAILURE IS WHEN YOU STOP TRYING!!! i hope your a person that reads comments

i'm sad now

fuck there's no part 6 right now i wish that part 6 already was maked'