Reviews for "(old vers)Dead Rain 5"

Very good

Your graphics had a lot of improvement, and so does your animation. Good music. Good job:)


This is one of the most impressive series on newgrounds to date this series is amazing. In this particualt ep the animation improved even more and the backrounds were very well done. Also this flash animation was well music selected and went with theme well. Some amazing animations and graphics indeed. Each character was unique and all looked different. One of the most creepiest films also. This was very violent and amazing story also how it transfered to the past was also well done. A film with such quality and violence and well done zombie animation,

A much watch film worth a watch and maybe a few more.


that kicked so much ass. great blood effects. this rules.


Another great flash on your record

SickDeathFiend responds:

Glad you liked it.