Reviews for "(old vers)Dead Rain 5"

im speechless

!!!!!i love you sickdeathfiend!!!!! will you to have my babies?


im board

SickDeathFiend responds:

Your a dumbass part 5,

conclusion? your a dumbass.


i dont belive something soo sick...something soo groy can be soo funny and entertaing, great film m8 and a great story line keep it up! :)


SWEET! Kudos for putting in some Zombie! Excellent use of flashbacks and the return of that psycho virus dealer! The big "pseudonuke" was sweet as well. *bookmarks the hell out of yas*

SickDeathFiend responds:

he was in part 4 to! glad you liked it


That was fucking awsome man i can't wait till the next one comes out and when i say this i mean for all of them man u definatly have my respect