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Eskimo Bob 13 (EBZ)

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Oh yes, episode 13... what can I say. Bob, Alfonzo, Walrus, Seal, Lemmings, Fish,Yeti, Evil penguin, ... all such lovable characters.
For all those who are wondering, since i seem to get like 5 emails a day about this, the music playing in the background is called Irritating stick by Spiritual Tazer, download from my website.

Check out more episodes at www.eskimobob.com!

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Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure and Eskimo Bob: Starring Alfonzo both made for NES are now on Steam!

The Best Eskimo Bob Episode Yet!

I liked this.

Can’t say I loved it though.

I’ll go over why since I script my reviews now. This was a decent DBZ parody with Eskimo Bob which is one of the few episodes that have credits. I love both Eskimo Bob and Dragon Ball Z, so this would be a good mix, right?


Well, it had decent graphics for its time and it had nice music, but it had bad voice acting, subpar animation, and basic colors.

I totally understand that this was made in 2001 (which was almost 19 years ago) but I feel like the animation could be a tad better. The credits, while the episode has them, could be better. They’re somewhat complicated. And even if it was meant to be a DBZ parody, it doesn’t have a lot related to DBZ. The voice acting and music can also be loud, so loud, that the music could even drown the voice acting, making it hard to hear/understand what they’re saying.

However, the backgrounds were ok, it was very epic, and it had a creative art style like the rest of the Eskimo Bob series. It’s also longer than most of the episodes.

Decent parody/episode, but could be at its best, even for 2001 standards.


eskimo bob is da best

I found this to be a big improvement over the previous one I reviewed. I still don't think I would recommend it. I think that this one instead makes the mistake of being too long. It should have been more like three minutes. I've seen better DBZ flashes. The animation seems to be funnier.

I didn't know those lines were eyes at first. They seemed more like the letters "TI". Then again, I guess their eyes are all like that. I guess I'm more familiar with the characters now. Congratulations on being a cult favorite.