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Eskimo Bob 13 (EBZ)

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Oh yes, episode 13... what can I say. Bob, Alfonzo, Walrus, Seal, Lemmings, Fish,Yeti, Evil penguin, ... all such lovable characters.
For all those who are wondering, since i seem to get like 5 emails a day about this, the music playing in the background is called Irritating stick by Spiritual Tazer, download from my website.

Check out more episodes at www.eskimobob.com!

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You're not gonna believe this.
I found an audio clip of this animation from a really old CD.
So many good memories.

Alfonzo's Arctic Adventure and Eskimo Bob: Starring Alfonzo both made for NES are now on Steam!

The Best Eskimo Bob Episode Yet!

I liked this.

Can’t say I loved it though.

I’ll go over why since I script my reviews now. This was a decent DBZ parody with Eskimo Bob which is one of the few episodes that have credits. I love both Eskimo Bob and Dragon Ball Z, so this would be a good mix, right?


Well, it had decent graphics for its time and it had nice music, but it had bad voice acting, subpar animation, and basic colors.

I totally understand that this was made in 2001 (which was almost 19 years ago) but I feel like the animation could be a tad better. The credits, while the episode has them, could be better. They’re somewhat complicated. And even if it was meant to be a DBZ parody, it doesn’t have a lot related to DBZ. The voice acting and music can also be loud, so loud, that the music could even drown the voice acting, making it hard to hear/understand what they’re saying.

However, the backgrounds were ok, it was very epic, and it had a creative art style like the rest of the Eskimo Bob series. It’s also longer than most of the episodes.

Decent parody/episode, but could be at its best, even for 2001 standards.


eskimo bob is da best

Credits & Info

4.34 / 5.00

Feb 11, 2001
11:47 PM EST