Reviews for "Eskimo Bob 13 (EBZ)"


Funny, definetly a good example of a flash movie. The dbz parody didnt help it. I think you would have better off with out it, but I like the movie alot!!!!


I've never actually laughed at a movie, but I did laugh at certain parts of this move. I'm inspired on how u drew your charecters... Keep it up


yea! this is the longest one! there are two kinds of messy animations: the ones that suck, and the ones that are supposed to be messy and kick ass. ding di-diling-ling ding di-diling-ling ding di-diling-ling ding!-Huh!-ding di-diling-ling

Pretty Decent, if a little childish.

Can't really complain too much about this. Loved the Dragonball z parody, but a lot of the humor was too childish. Still, I liked it.