Aeternus Proelium

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This is a frame-by-frame stickfigure animation. I swore I'd never do one again, but things change. I've been working on a serious flash for some time now, and needed to work on something new. Something short, sweet, and to the point. I know it's of stick figures, but only with them can you easily animate human motion and actions. I hope you can forgive the use of them, but it's all in fun. It took a couple of days to animate suprisingly. Drawing over 1500 stick figures and other effects takes a good while. Well, I hope you enjoy this movie, regardless of the sticks. Peace.


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Seems like you had a good time.

Everyone always love action! And i'm giving you a higher rating than i would for a stick film simply because...well, I love your choice of music. So kudos to you sir.



not baddd

like the music and the petals grey dude go OWNED!

decent like.... *lack of simile*

music was pretty shweet. fbf was done smoothly. i dig the attempt at latin, just to be an asshole ill tell you that it would be 'Proelium Aeternum' for eternal battle.

Needs more...

It was actually pretty well made, considering it's a frame by frame. Little things like the occasional random rose petal in the background makes it even better.

Nice action, nice animation, fitting music.

The only thing that it's missing:

Moar asplosions and BASE BALL BATS!!! :D

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2003
8:46 PM EDT
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