Reviews for "Aeternus Proelium"

amano lol

i dont think i could say anything new about this after all its just a stickman fight like how many of those are around
but seriously lol at the note about amano

Loved it

I loved the fighting style! But there's one thing that really caught my eye that i didn't like. The leaves that flew of the tree (the pink little things) just disappeared after it finished its cycle... try to make it fade out instead of just disappearing . Other than that, it was great!


one thing

I liked it, the moves were more or less realistic (except the specials) but I saw one problem that would have made it like 243897 times better... All you needed to do for a much better rating, was probably double the framerate... I would put money down that just that would have made a world of difference.. oh ya, and sorry for being 4 years late on my review :D

cool one

i usually don't care for stick FBF animations, but when they are well-made like this one here, then i really enjoy them.... much like this one here, this one was very nice. cool usage of sticks, nice FBF style, good choice of audio and it offered some sweet entertainment.

I liked this

Well this was kinda cool even though i didnt like all of the effects you implemented; this could be better

Another thing is the title; Eternal Combat (free translation)... uhm
doesnt it have to be proelium aeternum? word order is not the point even though the romans came up with the subject first followed by the adjective.

well nice ;)