Reviews for "Aeternus Proelium"


I should have given you a more rave review because of your hard work. But then again, your commentary completely contradicts what u put on flash.

1)"1...needed to work on something new."
I didnt see anything new. We have seen stick fights probably a thousand times. And they are all the same, with DBZ effects, disappearing, throwing fireballs and the whole shebang. The effects may have been much better that wht i have seen out there, but not more original.

2)"Something short, sweet, and to the point."
Was it short, nope. it ran for quite a while that most movies do on average. Was it sweet, well, if u discount the boredom of seeing such things again and again, i think the sweetness drains right there. Was it to the point? What point? i didnt see any point. there was no plot, no story. So no point. just two guys fighting with three possibilites. one dies, both dies, or none die.

I am, of course, not criticising u because its a stick animation. i am indifferent to it. As long as the animation has concrete "point" for it being created, i wouldnt care if it were made by one-dimensional lines....

Just thoughts,

WM [:{}]

BiffTheTimid responds:

You misunderstood what I said. When I said new, I meant new as opposed to the "Serious" project that I have been working on. Not new to the Portal.

Also, the animation itself is slightly over a minute long. That's not very long. It being sweet was just a matter of opinion, and it was infact to the point. There was no story to beat around, just fighting. I'd say that's right to the point.

I'll take your accounts into concideration, though I don't think they're valid.


that was pretty good. including wit the Dbz effects and all. but it was ok...good job though


hey it was good. i really like the whole dragon ball z thing. a word of advice draw the whole figure.

rocked me panties

i loved it, and it's not just because i helped you with it. good stickness, and you're welcome for the preloader/concept help.

i hope this gets protected

although it was some what short that was actually really good for a stick ani. Some what reminds me of The Pan becuz its pretty swift. the sound was good, nice choice of music. Good job.
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