Reviews for "Aeternus Proelium"

A Well Done Stick Movie

Simply amazing. Keep up the good work!

rocked me panties

i loved it, and it's not just because i helped you with it. good stickness, and you're welcome for the preloader/concept help.


hey it was good. i really like the whole dragon ball z thing. a word of advice draw the whole figure.

Great stick fight!

Wow, you almost match up to Xaio Xaio. And 150+ hand-drawn images?! That definitely deserves a 5. Hope you make more of these.

Needs more...

It was actually pretty well made, considering it's a frame by frame. Little things like the occasional random rose petal in the background makes it even better.

Nice action, nice animation, fitting music.

The only thing that it's missing:

Moar asplosions and BASE BALL BATS!!! :D