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8-bit Theater 3

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It's been a while. Thanks to all those who helped to make this movie possible.

Otherwise, enjoy!

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~More old men than you can beat senseless!~
"We'll see about that."
By far my favorite line.

When i was a young teenager... i had the audacity to record these on my little Sony Handycam on tape so i would watch these relentlessly... was so interested in watching these over and over again on my tape and i would comment aloud to no one be that little lonely kid when i would enjoy it for myself and myself only too much that i destroyed the VCR.... goddamn. This episode was the funniest by far to me cause i would....crack up to the.... Mage....murdering the people and blood trails would follow.

Had no idea the black mage would be so ruthless. :(

But i still love this shit! :D

It’s nice to have an episode that fleshes out the characters so well. This may be a word for word adaptation. It’s great to learn about these guys who are so popular. It’s easily the most popular webcomic adaptation I’ve seen here. It was great to have cameos from all those video game characters. Cloud’s was the best, of course.

I loved how you got LegendaryFrog and CyberMoonStudios for this. Those are two of my favorite people here! The sprite work holds up well. Then again, I guess it hasn’t changed much in these years. I loved the Homestar cameos as well.

preety preety gum drops ^.^


has anyboady noticed that the name of the town is called cornaria and that is the name of the place in the first level of star fox 64! the first time i noticed it was when i was playing the star fox demo on smash bros brawl