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Reviews for "8-bit Theater 3"


My first 8-bit watch, and overall it was awesome. I never thought it was going to be THAT funny, and then I watched it. I was wrong, you did an awesome job.

The old men were my favorite, rambling on about stupid shit, "His name was roy, not really, but that's just what we called demons back then".


the characters

Well obviously u don't need to know who BM or Fighter are if u seen the other 1's

Theif=blue hair guy, LOVES TO STEAL! and chucks cool 'sword-chucks' (Fighter's idea of a good idea)

White Mage=....just watch the movie.

watch some other movies featuring black mage, like Black Mage vs Black Belt

Brian made a cameo! Yes!

Are you gonna skip the guest comics ? I loved the part where Black Mage shot the kid that who's foster parents he's gonna kill over and over again. He should be appearing around the next episode.

just as good as others

just as good as all the others but whos dat guy wiv da blue hair

no subtitles

sorry for the interupption, but im not good at english and where┬┤s the subtitles? and one more thing. if you click "comics" nothing happens exept for that guy with the money bag.. anyways 9 out of 10.