Reviews for "8-bit Theater 3"

"I like Swords. Welcome to Cornia Real (sp)"

That Cloud drawing is used in Legendary Frogs Final Fantasy sing along flash too...was there a collab in here? It's really tweeking my brain.

Anyway, in this episode of 8 Bit Theatre I wish they delved a little further but still pimp stuff. It's funny how black mage pwned those old people. Hyahhaha


That says it all.

The best around always

I watch this all the time the voice acting is great. I dont know what holywins problem is but I can follow it without subtitles because the voices are clearer in this then they were in the first 2. This might be my favorite.


that was some good stuff

Where ยท$%&" is the subtitles????

the last two was amazing,really,but this dont have any subtitles,and i cant understand nothing cause is too hard to me understand it.And another thing: what happen with comics ? i clik it and dont appear anything.I give a low story because this chapter doesnt make sense to me.(its like if u wanna play FFV7 in Czech)