Reviews for "8-bit Theater 3"

"I like Swords. Welcome to Cornia Real (sp)"

That Cloud drawing is used in Legendary Frogs Final Fantasy sing along flash too...was there a collab in here? It's really tweeking my brain.

Anyway, in this episode of 8 Bit Theatre I wish they delved a little further but still pimp stuff. It's funny how black mage pwned those old people. Hyahhaha


That says it all.

The best around always

I watch this all the time the voice acting is great. I dont know what holywins problem is but I can follow it without subtitles because the voices are clearer in this then they were in the first 2. This might be my favorite.


that was some good stuff

Where ·$%&" is the subtitles????

the last two was amazing,really,but this dont have any subtitles,and i cant understand nothing cause is too hard to me understand it.And another thing: what happen with comics ? i clik it and dont appear anything.I give a low story because this chapter doesnt make sense to me.(its like if u wanna play FFV7 in Czech)