Reviews for "8-bit Theater 3"


I love 8 bit and this is 8-bit at its best.
Theres 1 prob: 5 megs! even on dsl it took a while to download!
and that intro song is the best! i could listen to it all day...not that I do already hehe

Another nice edition to the animated 8-bit theater

I think that the 2nd was was a little better humorwise, but I liked it, and I can't wait for the next one. Tell me, How far do you plan on going with this? It'd be great to see the entire thing animated one day. Well good job!

Still Sweet

I love 8-bit theater and the way you bring the comic to life...er..uh...animation. Its nice the way you animated the mouth movements, the bloopers were hilarious, and the Posta pot/posta pro/posta what the f**k ever pariody comicaial was great. I do have one complaint however the actors voices don't comethough clearly (probably due to the technology you have to work with) so could you bring back the sub-titles? I want to be able to tell what their saying without haveing to strain my ears and guess at times.

cant wait

cant wait to hear black mage hit on white mage in number 4! get crackin!

8-bit theater animated glory

I love 8-bit theater. This is great. I liked in the earlier ones when it had the dialogue in subtitles, and there weren't mouths... Still awesome.