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I need an animator that can animate in anime or anime like style. It can be cartoon style as well as long as its clean with a good style fitting my needs. Just send me some of your work if you wish to apply. Payment details and budget will be discussed in private. If you wish to email me you can contact me at hugsiebugsie@gmail.com

The animation will be about 1 - 2 minutes long with looping sequences to be reused in the video editing process. The video will have a dark undertone and is about a monster spider girl preying seducing someone romantically and then preying on this persons family.

Here is an image of the character. They would be animated in a different outfit and with a light Caucasian skin tone in the video which they later wipe off revealing it as makeup to look human.



I'm looking for an animator for an animated music video in the art style of Gravity Falls. Please message me or email me at cgsongscontact@gmail.com if you're interested, and we can talk specifics! :)