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Looking for part-time and freelance Talent Scouts. Work from home opportunity!

We are looking for great newcomers that can help us scout artists for our YouTube Channel, Pencilmation. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about online Animation production and the roles needed to run it.

The work will consist of looking for potential artists that specialize in Storyboards, Animation, Scriptwriting, SFX and other similar fields, using any means available to you. You will not be required to get in touch with them, you just need to provide us their details. You can work at your own pace and schedule, and you will be paid based on the number of your submissions. You’ll also get a $10 bonus for each successful referral. No limits on the bonus!

Please get in touch with recruitment@pencilmation.com if you have any questions or would like to apply! We look forward to working with you!


Spanish / Español:

Hola Amigos!

Estoy buscando animadores para poder hacer una ´´Película´´ basada en algunos personajes de una serie que yo hice.

El guion ya esta hecho y no creo que se necesite un storybord para hacer esto.

Los diseños de los personajes ya están hechos.

Espero sus respuestas.

English / Ingles:

Hi friends!

I am looking for animators to be able to make a ´´Film´´ based on some characters from a series that I did.

The script is already done and I don't think a storyboard is needed to do this.

The character designs are already done.

I await your responses




I'm looking for an animator who uses Adobe Animate 2019 to assist me with my overflow of projects. You will be helping me animate or draw certain scenes that I don't have the time for. Requirements are you must be able to meet tight deadlines and you must be able to copy another artist's style (art style is very simple to copy) Please message me if you're interested.


Hello! If you’re reading this you’re interested in the paid project Light Ivy Pictures has going on currently. Two years ago, we made the Pilot to our show Guardians of the Sacred Light. It was formerly a Sonic inspired fan project, however, recent events have transformed the show into its own original project. Since the release of the Pilot, we’ve had a very rough time getting the development going, so we are starting over! Now that we’ve made some cuts and revisions we are ready to compliment this show with some paid animation!

We have about a 1 minute and 50 second intro song that we need an animated intro for! For specifics, the video below will shine more light on what to expect!

Here are the stills and a few character designs to let you know what you will be working with!






And some storyboarding we've been doing for our Pilot remake!



If there are any more question comments or concerns! Please don't be afraid to contact us at:



DM us on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/LightIvyPics

We look forward to working with you and seeing your amazing portfolios!


I am wanting to make a short film that is animated. I plan on it being a story of loss and acceptance. The main character is shown growing up in short clips until it is a shot from behind as he stares at a casket that holds his mother. The film would then take time to show those moments from the beginning in a different light to show the love they shared. Between each moment I want to show a progression in his life after her death and how remembering those moments from childhood help him move on and live with her death. Finally ending with the final releasing of any sadness and accepting no one lives forever. It is a bit of a darker concept but I want the viewer to also feel hope after watching the film. If you want to help we can talk and I can give more information on my plan for this project. Please consider :) and I cannot promise any money, very sorry, this is purely a project of passion as opposed to profit.


Hey I'm Artzom-b the "head" of DeadHead Studios and I have a proposition for all of you!

I'm looking for people for unpaid and paid work. If you are looking to be paid my budget is limited so please be reasonable, I might turn you down just for how much you may be charging.

If you working unpaid then you will get the credit you deserve and if we do start making money down the line you may get a cut depending on if you want it or not but I assure you I'll make sure you get your share if you want it.

Currently I've contacted a few people but until I hear back from them all positions are open

this is what we need:

Comic book artist:





StoryBoard artist


Video Editors

Concept Artist

BackGround Artist

Voice actors



Sound Dev

If you are interested and want to know more either show what you have here or DM me with any questions comments and concerns!


I need an animator that can animate in anime or anime like style. It can be cartoon style as well as long as its clean with a good style fitting my needs. Just send me some of your work if you wish to apply. Payment details and budget will be discussed in private. If you wish to email me you can contact me at hugsiebugsie@gmail.com

The animation will be about 1 - 2 minutes long with looping sequences to be reused in the video editing process. The video will have a dark undertone and is about a monster spider girl preying seducing someone romantically and then preying on this persons family.

Here is an image of the character. They would be animated in a different outfit and with a light Caucasian skin tone in the video which they later wipe off revealing it as makeup to look human.



I'm looking for an animator for an animated music video in the art style of Gravity Falls. Please message me or email me at cgsongscontact@gmail.com if you're interested, and we can talk specifics! :)


I am looking for a animator that can do a animated short for my clothing, I need the animation style to be similar to the show smiling friends, SpongeBob, or rick and Morty


Hey guys, my name is Jimmy. I'm the frontman for an independent rock band called Unrivaled. We're working on a full length album and are ready to release out singles, but we can't shoot a proper music video due to the virus.

So what I'm looking for is a Gorillaz style animation video to help us promote our song. The song is three minutes long and I'm looking for someone who can create an animated version of the band, playing our track in a white room, as black paint begins to seep into the walls.

I'm not sure how pricing works for animation in this way, so please don't be offended if the number is a low ball. I am willing to pay over four figures. So message me if you're interested.

I would like to see some of your guys' work and hopefully we can work together on this project.

Thanks for reading,