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Hyear, dius MARIA


Author Comments

EDIT 26.11.2020: New version uploaded, retaining all the original instruments with a couple added layers (no substantial change to the instrumental) and much better mixing, and my usual go-to for mastering.

This is a rendition, an original setting, of the Ave Maria into Hymmnos, the constructed language of the Ar tonelico games. This was translated from the Latin.

This particular project may have very little to do with the doujin circle that I'm in,  ̶A̶ ̶R̶e̶y̶v̶a̶t̶e̶i̶l̶'̶s̶ ̶M̶e̶l̶o̶d̶y̶ Aetherhythm -- it's more of a personal one, one of a number of personal songs that I want to see through to completion this year.

The idea came to me very strongly, like a truck hitting whatever feelings I had, when I was in the bath. I was determined to do it since. As for musical influences, I borrowed a fair bit from Kokia for this one.

I'm not going to add to description the original lyrics or even the significance of this; all that can be found here:


Just know that this is very close to my heart, and I only hope it came out okay.

Translation: Geiky

Composition and Vocals: Troisnyx



(Ma quel wa / Was ki ra) hyear dius MARIA,

vale oz wacce,

an yor rre Saash hymme.

Omga wis yorr manaf enter fandel wim,

en omga wis phira rre pomb yor, Pbidia IESUS.

(Ma ki wa) Diasee MARIA,

xe sonwe sos mean

so gyajlee mean,

iemma en mortoa kierre mean.

Note: The words in brackets are emotion sounds, fundamental to the Hymmnos language. Because it depends on the emotion of the speaker, they will change.

Also, names are nearly always in all caps in Hymmnos. I don't quite understand why, but that's a thing.

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It is nice, but can you please make a hymn to God Himself? I would appreciate it! (edit: so you know the greek word for "hymn"!) (edit 2: Do you use Audacity for the vocals? If FL was a nice DAW it would even include a good audio editor :( ) (edit 3: What the crap is Snowball? Please explain) (edit 4: IN HEAVEN'S NAME HOW MANY EDITS???)

Troisnyx responds:

1. Look into my past submissions and you'll find a good number of hymns to Our Lord himself, you just need to look.

1a. Yes, and there's an actual constructed language that is called Hymmnos, after the Greek word for "hymn."

2. Yes. FL has a decent-ish audio editor called Edison, but I have had errors with the program whereby the CPU usage jumps inexplicably from 10% to 100, 101% when using FL.

For multiple takes of my vocals, I cannot risk that error even *once.*

3. Blue Microphones has a number of their own mics, both analogue and USB, usually named after wintry things. Their USB mics are called Snowball and Yeti. Snowball is the lowest-priced among them, and for a good while, was incredibly popular — until about the end of the last decade, when audio interfaces (notably secondhand Scarlett Solo or 2i2) and cheap SM58 clones began to take over as a cheap alternative.

I have a Snowball in my possession, and for a time it was my main microphone.

Credits & Info


4.59 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2018
5:12 PM EDT
File Info
4.1 MB
3 min 3 sec
  • Audacity
  • Sytrus
  • Autogun
  • FL Studio 11
  • Snowball
Misc. Kit
  • Fruity Soundfont Player
  • BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover

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