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Estavius ~ Vocal Ver.


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Hey everyone. Troisnyx writing.

This was done as the musical part of a tribute to Epic Battle Fantasy, on its 10th anniversary, which falls on 1 May 2019 -- that day marks 10 years since EBF1 was submitted to Newgrounds. I had the opportunity of working together with Phyrnna again, a little more than half a year since we finished A Breeze From Home. Phy suggested either a medley of tracks, or a vocal version of Estavius, but we only had a month or so to finish from scratch given that the date almost slipped us all by -- and I went with Estavius. This track had already inspired me a fair few years prior, and I suppose it's no surprise now that it's time to revisit it and see what my current ability would yield. Phy wondered if the lyrics could take the direction of being happy to have journeyed with one's friends; I wrote accordingly.

I took heavy inspiration from my previous cover of Estavius (also in the left sidebar along with the original), but I also took heavy inspiration from certain Celtic folk songs that were heavy on the guitar. Scottish and Irish ones come to mind. In the days leading up to the making of this, I'd been hearing a lot of The Corries, The Clancy Brothers, John Denver and similar artists, who have been on Seán's listening list on Spotify, and the feel of this sort of folk song has been cemented in me.

Everything I did has only been a nod to Phy's already charming composition. There were many imperfections in the recordings, but Phy kept them -- and surprised me with how well they went.

There seriously needs to be a folk genre entry for Newgrounds. C'mon.

Phy: Composition, mix, master
Trois: Arrangement, lyrics, vox, melodica, guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, mandolin, Celtic harp, glockenspiel *CATCHES BREATH*



O, never have I dreamed that I would journey far and wide,
seeing new places and new faces beneath the same blue sky.
O, never have I dreamed that I would have you by my side,
that we're all bound to each other for all time.

Every battle where you've fought right beside me,
Every journey, there's the hand unknown that guides me,
and in my every dream you heal the woe that betides me;
you've all been the answer to my prayers:

O, never have I dreamed that we would be beneath the same stars
that once called out to greet us, like signposts on our way;
O, never have I dreamed that I would see you all again,
that I'd share this bittersweet drink with you today.

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It's Amazing, and I listen to this song, when I want to reflect on life. It's So Good. If I could Rate Past 5 Stars, I would.

I like it. But every time I try to listen to it with earphones, the highpitch instruments made my eardrums hurt.

Troisnyx responds:

Maybe it might be your headphones? Or, you might be picking up mids and highs a lot more acutely than most.

I'm glad you like it, nonetheless. ☺️

can i use Binary Emisions ~P~ in a game?

I love the original version, and this one is beautiful. I especially loved that it stays true to the original version, but uses different instruments, and somehow still feels a lot like how it is in EBF3.

That made me cry. Thank you Phyrnna and Troisnyx!

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May 1, 2019
8:12 AM EDT
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