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Hey everyone, Troisnyx here, joined by Phyrnna to finally bring you the full version of A Breeze From Home, vocal version.

This song was requested of me in April, and I delivered it in August, or thereabouts. I worked on it nonprofit, as my circumstances demand.

Now, about the making of the song: Phy and I talked at length about the feel of this song, and we both agreed that it should start sparsely, and build up into an orchestral swell as the piece progresses. I wrote the lyrics over a month; they initially were hard to come by but flowed naturally after some time. I attempted to play this on guitar, and struggled and almost tore my hair up in frustration. And the one take I DID manage to record was riddled with errors that I felt I was running out of time. See, I know my chords, but I do not have the muscle memory to play them to perfection yet -- but I was determined to do this on my own. So I decided to cheat.

And cheat I did. I layered my poor Epiphone Les Paul playing with a MIDI guitar track. And I crooned with all the emotion I could muster for this track. The finished track almost made me cry. And I guess now it's almost making me cry that it's going in EBF5 proper, however small the track time might be. I am eternally grateful. Thanks, Phy. <3

Composition, mix and master by Phy, lyrics, vox, guitar and arrangement by yours truly.

BTW: It is 30 November where I am typing this, and both the game and the soundtrack are out! Go check out Epic Battle Fantasy 5 on Steam, and go check out Phy's Bandcamp for the full OST. You won't be disappointed!



Oh I've been gone so long
Felt like forever
And now I see the green fields of home
Long have I roamed
Long have I hoped
to see the usual faces smiling at me
And now I know that I'm really home

Where all the trees grow stoutly green before me
Where everything still shines, full of life
Long have I roamed
Long have I yearned
to see them standing proudly there
Did I know
how much they would remind me of home

I had left to see the world
beyond what I knew
And now I know no more than back then
Long have I roamed
Long have I dreamed
to have a hero's welcome waiting for me
But I don't need it now
Cause I'm home

Oh I've been gone so long
Felt like forever
And now I see the green fields of home

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I cri evritim

Absolutely amazing. When I got to the point where it plays I was a bit surprised, but it quickly grew on me and is now among my favourite songs ever. Great job!

Its beautiful. It manages to consistently sound beautiful to me every time I listen to it, and I probably pick things of all sorts apart in my head until I just see them as a series of criticisms more often than i'd like.

My only criticism would be that I misheard some of the lyrics until I read them here, but that can be a common thing with even the most professionally recorded music and it could just be me anyway.

10/10 would listen on repeat ...foreeeveeeer... again. wait...

Troisnyx responds:

I feel your pain about picking things apart; I feel it as much about this piece as you do. Still -- glad you enjoyed it!

I've enjoyed this song to the fullest even after beating the whole game. I was teary eyed as I first listened to this. Your voice is amazing! When I have difficulty sleeping, I play this song on repeat, because of how soothing it is. It has that being rocked to sleep kind of feel to it. Props to you, and Phyrnna for creating this beautiful piece, one of my favorite songs in the entire game. <3

"it's almost making me cry that it's going in EBF5 proper, however small the track time might be."

B*TCH PLEASE You have the theme for the true final boss. It's an hour long marathon and your piece is what sets the tone for the entire fight. That is NOT SMALL. That is enormous. And, even if your singing sounded like you had a cold the entire time, yours and Phrynna's piece fit so perfectly that I just know that fight will be one of the main memories I have of this game,

Troisnyx responds:

At the time of posting this, I was not told where the theme would wind up. I knew it was going into the game. Later, Matt and Ronja teased that it was a boss theme, but I didn't know which. Then on top of that, in my first playthrough, the song didn't show up.

So yeah. Written at a time of absolute humility because who, and I mean who, would take an absolute noob with zero prospects under their wing? I was that noob. I had tears of joy when this happened.

So glad that you had a wonderful memory of that battle and that song. Thank you 💖

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