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Hello. I cannot begin to tell you all how I am grinning from ear to ear as I announce this.

So, this is a fragment of a cover of Phyrnna's song, A Breeze From Home, which is going to be used in Epic Battle Fantasy 5! However scant its usage may be, I am grateful for the opportunity and I can't contain my excitement over this.

This song was requested of me in April(?), and I was happy to deliver it nonprofit as my circumstances demanded. It became a labour of love, something I was proud of when it was finished. There are two separate mixes: mine, and Phyrnna's, for use in the EBF5 soundtrack. The mix in this fragment is mine.

Now, about the making of the song: Phy and I talked at length about the feel of this song, and we both agreed that it should start sparsely, and build up into an orchestral swell as the piece progresses. I wrote the lyrics over a month; they initially were hard to come by but flowed naturally after some time. I attempted to play this on guitar, and struggled and almost tore my hair up in frustration. And the one take I DID manage to record was riddled with errors that I felt I was running out of time. See, I know my chords, but I do not have the muscle memory to play them to perfection yet -- but I was determined to do this on my own. So I decided to cheat.

And cheat I did. I layered my poor Epiphone Les Paul playing with a MIDI guitar track. And I crooned with all the emotion I could muster for this track. The finished track almost made me cry. And I guess now it's almost making me cry that it's going in EBF5 proper, however small the track time might be. I am eternally grateful. Thanks, Phy. <3


Track cover artwork is part of the title screen of Epic Battle Fantasy 5, courtesy of Matt Roszak a.k.a. @matt-likes-swords.

Any requests to use this track should be directed to BOTH Phyrnna and myself.

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Really nice

So this was really nice work you have here the sound was beautiful the backend of this song was really nice too you have a nice fulent sound and it flows along very well so nice job indeed, hope you keep making more great stuff like this one but anyways nice work

No changes it was beautiful


What is the song when you fight lance the 3rd time in ebf 5

A salient tune for an epic series! Fades in and out so subtly... as only a carefully encompassed glimpse can do. Can't wait to see this in it's official new and amazing habitat.


Troisnyx responds:

I'm looking forward to it as well! I still don't yet know the context in which this is used in-game and it's meant to be released late this year, so it's only a matter of time. Glad you enjoyed it! 💖 Thanks for listening!

nice, but needs to be louder hehe..

the vocals area good volume but then drown out the melody when they come in, so make sure you make the instrumental backing louder , esp. that guitar - the strings aren't too bad :)

but not bad - keep it up!


Troisnyx responds:

Phy has done a mix which is pretty loud, AFAIK -- and the reason she did it, and not I, is that it's her standardised mix that's going into the Epic Battle Fantasy 5 OST, and she wanted to keep the settings the same. So, no worries -- it's all taken care of.

Glad you find it alright, thanks for listening! ^_^

Sweet and a little bit of 80's stylish :P
Good choose for an epilogue ;P <3

Troisnyx responds:

Glad you liked it, thank you for listening! ^_^

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