~ES & SW~ Center of the Rainbow

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Its a long winding journey through each hue, as the ground stretches farther and farther away. Just remember to take a step back, and remember you are a small part of something beautiful.

Skye: So, yeah. This was fun as hell. I should have uploaded it sooner, but didn't really have the time or drive to do all the final final mastering until now. But hey, now it's done! And the people complaining it's too quiet in some sections can now shush because I've automated the damn limiter to compensate. :(( In all seriousness though, this is probably one of the favorite pieces I've ever worked on. Gotta do more with ya, Ethan!

Ethan said nothing.

-Made for the third Chips Compo. See here! http://www.chipscompo.com/


Finally, this is on NG :) (how did I miss this), I think I have already expressed my opinion on this track a dozen of times but I will do it again in review form ;)

The thing I like the most about this whole track (which counts btw for more of Skye's tracks, don't know about Ethan since I haven't checked him/you out that much yet (give me some time, I will check his/your stuff out)) is that I can't seem to detect any patterns since everything is always changing, and there is this continuous transition going on from one place to another.

I knew I was going to love this track when the piano got introduced, it all suddenly made sense. Like really, the piano is great, with the accompanying drums. Jumping from one melody to another, always on edge, and slowly building towards the sudden outburst at 4:14. Magnificent really.

The thing is tho that I don't feel like this is going towards the center of the rainbow. The feeling I get is more nostalgic. A man (or woman, I am not sexist Skye, don't hate me!) which has been too busy with getting the perfect life by getting the perfect degree, perfect job, perfect wife/husband, that he forgot to look around and see the beauty and the burden which is life. He suddenly realizes this and starts enjoying the little things around him, driving him even to return to his hometown. But then like a bubble, it all collapses when at 6:10 work calls again, and he returns to the daily slur.

I am not much of an imaginative person when it comes to music, but this track got to me. Well done Skye and Ethan! This made my week :)

SkyeWint responds:

Hey man! Skye here.

Believe it or not, there actually aren't any patterns. I only really use one sequence of a bunch or midi notes in a row, with some rare exceptions.

No worries about it not necessarily be fitting of a rainbow journey. I'm happy with it being a good song that makes you imagine things! If that's done, my personal goal is complete.

Good music. The harmony is fun (but not very varied). The melody is sometimes solid, but in some places it's just kind of slavishly following the chord progression and not really holding up on its own. Nice sounds and mix, with the snappy drums, juicy filtered synths, tasty basslines and all. I think the song would be much stronger if you compacted it down to 4 minutes or even less by cutting a lot of the ambient noodling in the first half, because it takes ages to get going. The longer version makes for good background music though.

SkyeWint responds:

Oh damn, hey man! Where have you been?

Sadly, that is the case in the beginning. Maybe if we had the time to make a more consistent and developed theme, that would have been awesome. This was about 5 days of writing and 2 days of mixing.

Oh well. It's good to see ya, glad that you enjoyed it at least! (btw, i have another song you might enjoy more which I did alone but spent a lot more time on - Reflection.)

This song is great! It's very beautiful, dynamic, and expressive. My new favorite! 5/5 stars

SkyeWint responds:

Cool, man! We appreciate it. :)

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Jul 6, 2017
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