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Alright. So this song... has taken approximately 80 hours to complete. Holy crap. Anyway, it's been a LONG road.

If you'd like to buy it for maximum quality, use my bandcamp, please: http://swint.bandcamp.com /track/ipex-836 Otherwise, it's as good of quality as it'll get. :)

Now, keep in mind, this song is NOT made in only one style. This combines elements of ambient, techno, dubstep, and uh... misc style (mine)! :D Not everyone will like each section, but I tried to make sure that there's something in here for everyone. ...in the case that you prefer even more ambient pieces, or more soft rock, or orchestral, I would suggest that you mosey on over to my other song, Dreamland Chronicles - Evermore, which can be found here: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/489070

Credit to Step for the string sample (and a TON of great useful feedback), and credit to BrokenDeck for fixing the waveform by making it much quieter than it originally was. If it's too quiet, turn up your volume! Much better than having it clip madly!

In any case, thank you Newgrounds for the continued support! Hope to continue bringing original and new ideas out for your listening pleasure.


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This is a cool song. I really like the sounds you used in the intro. I was expecting some sort of "spacey" song after that, but what followed was much better than that.

The song does indeed have some sort of spacey atmosphere, which is created by the long and humming sounds. But I like that you put in so many different styles. There's even some sort of "free jazz" style right after the intro from 1:00 to about 1:18. Well, it's not really "free jazz", but I don't have any better name for it. :P

Anyway, even though the song is over 6 minutes long, it never gets boring. This is due to the different styles you used. But also because what you created here really fits together. It wouldn't be enough to just throw various styles together. Those styles have to be connected by something. Here it's the main melody. We can hear it throughout the song and it kind of acts like a tour guide through music land.

Great song!

{ Review Request Club }

SkyeWint responds:

Hey there, Haggard! Honestly, thanks. :) I was wondering when I'd get a review from you or SCTE3.

"I like that you put in so many different styles"
That was what I was mainly trying to do. 'How many styles can I put into one song?' was the thought I had while making this.

"There's even some sort of "free jazz" style right after the intro from 1:00 to about 1:18"
Of course! Everything could use some jazz. :P

"But also because what you created here really fits together."
Seems that's a talent of mine - good transitions and tying everything together. The main melody is definitely a useful way of keeping songs nice and consistent.

"Great song!"
Great review! Thanks! :D

Man, this song's got it all.

Wonderful thing you've done with the intro. Very atmospheric, little synth blips and tweets everywhere. Good way to start.

I like the jazzy lead that follows at 0:58. Great riffs there.

The bass is well chosen -- fits perfectly for a good groove. Blends with the smooth pads and synth effects.

Great dramatic change at 2:06. Very contrasting. Good use of bass wubs :D Jazzy leads continue?!?! Yay!

Return of a good friend at 3:31. Good choice.

Transitions are all really well executed.

4:43 scared me the first time, hehe. Nothing wrong with it, though.

Lovely chord progressions and harmonies, and wow, what a great ending, relating back to the intro like that. Almost works as a loop!

Fuck. I had no idea you were this good. The effort clearly shows, and I'm uber jealous. I couldn't go back to the drawing board enough times to be this good.

SkyeWint responds:

Heya! Thank you! :D

So, point-by-point response...

"Good way to start."
To be honest, that was just a random FX Sytrus preset I found in FL Studio. Granted, it wasn't one of the default ones, but still...

"Great riffs there."
All that jazz is one of the bases of this song. I was planning on having the jazz+bass combo, and worked fairly hard on that.

"Jazzy leads continue?!?! Yay!"
YES. Dubstep with smooth jazz mixed in. F. T. W. That was an idea I had that I don't think I had heard before.

"Return of a good friend at 3:31"
Yeah, the main synth. I actually decided to use that synth because of Animusic (Harmonic Voltage). :D Also, if you don't know Animusic, I HIGHLY recommend you look it up. Now.

"Transitions are all really well executed."
Transitions are... something of a specialty of mine. ^_^ As Step would be able to tell you...

"4:43 scared me the first time, hehe. Nothing wrong with it, though."
lol, really? I thought that was a cool bit. xD Guess it could be a bit startling though if you weren't expecting it...

"Fuck. I had no idea you were this good. I couldn't go back to the drawing board enough times to be this good."
Pssssh. I went back to the drawing board so many times with this. :P (as you can obviously see from the description) Honestly though. If you want, I'd love to work together on a song! :D ...if I'm actually better than you (though I don't know about that), maybe that would help a bit?

In any case, thanks a ton for the review, it's definitely one of the better ones I've gotten. :)


SkyeWint responds:

Lovely indeed!

Not bad. :D

SkyeWint responds:

Woo! ...if it were bad, I'd have to give myself a severe talking-to, 'cause that'd have been 80 hours of work down the toilet.

You need a hug. Come here, c'mon.
Now eat this cookie and make more magic music.

The Other Other God

SkyeWint responds:

A hug? o.o Well, alright then.

....and. COOKIE. I shall make more magic musics for sure! ;)

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