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Dimethyltryptamine, abbreviated DMT, is "the most psychedelic drug known to man." I came up with this song while in the shower at around 11:30PM one night while thinking about what a DMT trip might be like. I haven't done any drugs, I was just curious and thought it would be a good mental trip.

Ironically, DMT is produced in the brain. It's also produced in just about every living creature and can be distilled from plain grass. This is even more ironic because it's a highly illegal drug.

It's mainly produced during REM sleep (dreaming stage). A large amount is released when people are close to death for reasons that are currently unknown (to my knowledge, at least).

So anyway, this song uses a bunch of weird ideas I had and effects I had lying around in Omnisphere. In fact, this was actually the first song I started working on which uses Omnisphere!

It's been a lot of fun, and... honestly, a LONG time since I started making this. I mean come on, I started it 3 months ago and have since almost gotten into triple digits with the amount of time I've spent in the DAW. (pics or it didn't happen, right? http://i.imgur.com/HvOznk V.png) And I'm still not totally happy with the end. Urgh.

NOTE: This isn't your typical jazz, and I'm not going to pretend that it is. Please don't complain about how "this doesn't have a jazz bass" or "this doesn't use real instruments" or some kind of personal definition of jazz. Jazz is "characterized by improvisation, syncopation, and usually a regular or forceful rhythm", to quote google. Thanks for your understanding. :)

-Enjoy your acid trip!

P.S. Thanks to camoshark for that sexy saxophone and trumpet which took ages to splice and rearrange into the solos but ended up sounding pretty darn awesome!


Very impressive

Well I have to say this was very impressive and yes I agree music and deep song can be very powerful even more then a drug infact this track is like a beautiful drug and you have presented us with a good track here some soothing beats to make even a baby sleep so nice sounds great vibe keep up this high quality and deep song

No need for improving when this is the best form it can be


Aah, who needs drugs when there's music like this! :D Interesting mixture, with plenty of variation and psychedelic sound. Though it seems to crawl over the place it still stays melodic though, and the sssing sounds in the background are a refreshing layer behind the bright funky foreground music. Nice work!


SkyeWint responds:

Normal drugs are weak compared to the power of MUSIC DRUGS.

That hissing sound is actually a bit of high-end reverb being panned all over the place from the snare.

Getting all those melodies took some serious effort, especially to set it up so it was sounding reasonably 'real' and detailed so that people can listen deeper and deeper and deeper, or just sit there on the surface and hear the normal groove.

This song is great! I'm always jealous of people who can pull of jazzy interpretations of music. Plus, this piece has such a fun and trippy vibe, so you earned even more bonus points from me there haha! Great job, and keep up the awesome work!

SkyeWint responds:

Hey there!

I like making cool, jazzy, trippy songs. :) Then again, I like making almost any kind of music... but this was particularly fun to pull off!

I'm glad you like it - I hope that I can manage to keep up the work that you find awesome.


Really tripy first seconds, then the next part has a nice jazzy sequence that kinda reminds me of a sonic soundtrack, i cant really put my finger what stage in specific but i know i have heard something in sonic that this reminds me of, maybe the casino level.
The song has a very funky feeling and a quite unique instrument choice all round,
The Panning is specially awesome as well, being bombarded from all sides with psychedelic sounds is a lot more enjoyable than it sounds xD
Like i said before the song reminds me of a back track for a game or a movie and probably also because im not specially fan of jazz this song is quite remarkable to hear once and to analyse several times, however i cant say this is something i want to hear every day.
The 5 minutes seem a bit long since i didn't find the song very different in all its form, but once again that might be just me and my inability to maintain focused in a song that lasts long without vocals or very distinct parts.
I would like to praise Camoshark, his solo is very well performed (and composed as well maybe?).
Soo long story short, i really liked hearing this psychedelic song you got here just think it was a bit too long.
Really nice job Skye...once again xD

SkyeWint responds:

Man, everyone keeps saying that this sounds like Sonic. I don't normally listen to Sonic music, so I wouldn't know.

You know I love panning, it's no surprise that I'd be flinging sounds all over both sides. It's actually super-helpful for mixing.

Aw, you don't want to hear this every day? :c Oh well. As long as it's something you'd want to hear every... week? Yeah, week sounds good. As long as that, then I consider myself to have succeeded. (just kidding, of course) My goal for this song was to make it jazzy but still accessible for most people so that the non-technical people could enjoy it too.

Yeah, the piece might be a bit long with 5 minutes... there are distinct parts though, even if it's only the main sections and the solo section!

The saxophone and trumpet solo stems were awesome, it made it a lot easier to get a coherent solo out of them.

...yeah, psychedelic certainly does describe it, huh.

Thanks for the review, man! Seeya around!

Sounds like Thelonius Monk licking the walls of elevator music while "jazzed" out of his mind. I enjoy the jazz influence. I really do. Keep up the good work, chum.

SkyeWint responds:

Now that's a crazy picture.

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