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~SW~ Reflection


Author Comments

Well. This has taken thee cake for longest song I've made so far. And oh. How convenient. It took nearly 10 hours per minute of music. I guess that's my typical speed at this point.

This took a ton of work. It also symbolizes a lot - both the album (with the heavier bits) and my previous works (with the general atmosphere and super ambient sections). I experimented with sidechaining and took inspirations from Mr Bill's high pitched breakcore sections of music, johnfn's soloing (which he helped inspire), IDM, ambient, dnb, trance... lot of stuff.

I feel that this is definitely my best piece of work to date (aside possibly from the intro and outro, but eh).

For some random trivia about the piece, there are over 8 snares, and the kick drum is layered out of two other ones - one which is the click and a bit of the punch, and the other which is the low bass part. It is a whopping 196 measures long with 13 distinct sections. And every single chord is a maj7 for the base. Possibly plus some extra harmonics, but still maj7.

This was also my first time taking loops and chopping new drum beats out of them. Here's hoping you like it!


Side note: This piece is going on my album when it comes out (finally), so it is only downloadable until the next piece comes out!

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Such a peaceful unique words cannot describe, so I'm just gonna give you your well earned 5. ;)

SkyeWint responds:

WORDS. Quite useful, but sometimes a music is worth a million. Thanks, man!

Oh, perfect! You showed in up in R4R. I really want a Walkaround R4R :D

As far as I know, this is what you consider your best piece right now. Correct me if I'm wrong. There's are some really good reasons for you to believe that, and although I don't share the same opinion, it would be shameful of me to deny the excellence present here. So let's get started.

I'm always impressed with how you can create cohesive tracks without an extremely graph-able structure. What does that mean? My tracks tend to follow some sort of verse-chorus-verse etc structure, sort of like there's always this down section here and then I build up and there's a distinct drop here and then it goes back down and then builds back up to another drop and then goes back down again. But you create cohesive sections that don't smoothly fall into any of these categories of verses and choruses, rather it mostly just feels like freelance wherever you want the track to go. And yet the intensity still flows smoothly. One of the things I'm most looking forward to seeing in our collab is how you'll execute this flow in our thing :)

Also, after mistmurk mentioned basslines, I'm beginning to notice more and more how good they are. My basslines tend to be super generic, so I'm giving you props here, too.

Great percussion free-styling at 3:30

I do feel like the track is missing something in terms of chordal variation - you mentioned in the description that every chord has its base in a major 7th chord. While I like the intentional decision at first, over 7 minutes of the same type of chord over and over struggles to stay harmonically intriguing, even if you switch up the upper harmonics enough.

Have you ever tried parallel harmonizing a lead in a solo? I do it pretty often and it's a great way to thicken a thinner lead sound like the one you primarily use in this piece. This moment in 1:56 would be a great place to add in that harmony. Preferably in thirds. Or maybe sixths.

Also, the outro felt a bit unsettled in a way. Don't know why, don't know how to describe it. :/

And... I guess that'll be my review :) Fantastic work on this track, although 2 is still my favorite thing from you <3

SkyeWint responds:

Hey dude!

Glad it's a good'un! The organization is definitely one thing I've worked on, looking forward to playing around with it in our track too!

Basslines are honestly something that I just gradually did over time, not sure how those ideas developed aside from them needing to be somewhat melodic.

I'm glad you like the percussion style at 3:30! I was really proud of what I ended up doing there.

Nothing to disagree with in terms of chordal variation. Only thing I'd say is... well, at least it still has far more variation in harmonics to twist the mood than most music. ;_;

Parallel harmony: Yes, I've actually done this a fair amount. Not quite as much in this, but there's a moment of it at 6:15 where I tried to use it effectively.

Not sure what to say about the outro there either - it's pretty similar to how I ended Float. They're pretty similarish songs overall, too.

Wow this is amazing. I love your basslines. And when you pitched down that snare. YES. This is fantastic. Serious flashbacks to long nights playing starbound and astroneer.

SkyeWint responds:


Yay! I'm glad you liked this one! :) This was one of the pieces that I put a serious, SERIOUS amount of effort into. (like I think something around 60 hours) I'm glad that it shows in the basslines and the snare and everything. I'm not sure what inspired me overall. It wasn't Starbound (though I do want to make a piece inspired by that game soon), never heard of Astroneer either. That said, Starbound has an amazing soundtrack so I'm honored to have the piece be similar enough that it gives flashbacks!

Thanks for the mad props dude!


SkyeWint responds:


So great. I love every little bit of this song. To add to what Geoplex said, it does remind me of Terraria and Pikmin (and probably other games or movies, the band Owl City comes to mind) but I also recognize the originality in it. Great work! I am envious!

SkyeWint responds:

Sweet, thanks! And - no worries. It was all due to a metric fuckton of work - so I can at least say that if you want to make something phenomenal, you can! It just takes a lot of effort. :) But you can do it!

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May 14, 2016
11:58 PM EDT
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