Dark Matter Suite (ft. LOrbSheddy)

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1f1n1ty + LOrbSheddy - Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - Dark Matter Suite (Remix)

Headphones recommended.

Hi, guys! I recently got the chance to collaborate with the awesome guy that is LOrbSheddy! He wanted to do a Dark Matter remix, so I cooperated and we made this. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to check out LOrbSheddy's channel!

Me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0AVsZw3PociF610Uqd8lMA
LOrb: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFOGqX-R7kHaLKd4bBbyBYQ

Key: Dm - C#m - wholetone - F#m - Dm - F#m - Gm - C
Tempo: 108 - 172 - 108 - 104.8 - 60 - 108 - 129.5 - 160.5 - 145.25 - 168.18 - 145.25 - 103.75
Time Sign: 2/4 - 4/4 - ??? - 4/4 - 3/4 - 4/4 - 2/2
Style: Light ambient - DnB - Dark ambient - Melodic house - Eguitars - Piano solo

- The beginning of the piece was the first thing that was made. I sent LOrb this beginning idea with the triplet arp and the DM 1 melody, and he designed the gross beat glitch thing afterward. The section was supposed to symbolize the first encounter with DM, before the battle begins.
- The big, bad sound effect at 0:47 is the sound effect from the game where Dark Matter cries. Get ready, it's coming!
- The riff in the DnB drop is the theme from "A Warning to All Pokemon", so being a warning, we used a tornado siren sound to really sell the alarm. The fight with Dark Matter gets under way!
- At 1:53, I got a bit inspired by songs like "Night of Nights" and made a crash build.
- In the breakdown, I pulled out full experimental mode. This was the most sfx heavy part of the piece, and every sound effect heard in those 8 measures are different. It represents the rebirth of Dark Matter and the near complete loss of hope.
- The drums at 2:23 were made by taking a crazy 140 BPM drum loop and chopping it up in Slicex. The result sounded really nice and dark, especially with the F#aug chord behind it!
- Ending the section at 2:40 is a sound created by chopping up Dark Matter's own voice sound effect in the game!
- This first piano section was one of the last things made in the song, so I had to figure out how to write something that would loop an extremely dark drum break to a more upbeat melodic drop. And I did that with some firey ambience and a nice distant chime.
- The melodic drop at 3:25 was the first part LOrb wrote. To be honest, LOrb wrote most of the piece - my additions were mostly adding some riffs, references, and darkness. For example, I added all the SFX breaks in this drop. This part represents the second battle, with the Tree of Life revived!
- The transitional section at 4:06 reuses the synth from the dark breakdown extremely nicely. I love how this part turned out!
- The drop at 4:22 is where LOrb first decided to add electric guitars to the piece. He first wrote this section and then went back and added the power to the DM 1 DnB part afterward.
- The drums in the final bridge at 5:14 were made by chopping up a drum loop and putting it in Slicex. This one was a bit more creative, though, as the riff itself I wrote.
- The piano thing at the end was written by me and jazzed up by LOrb. He did a good job!


I like the beginning because of how peaceful it is but after the beginning, I got creeped out but I still love the song! 5*!

I love the atmosphere

What about the 2:08 Part?

I Like that music :3

I do not know if you already know this, but this song is in the level Innards by Kaito, it is an upcoming extreme demon that is harder than the current #1 extreme demon, crimson planet, and harder than the former #1 extreme demon bloodlust. Yet tthe level looks so easy, but the reason for that is the level does not show off the gameplay like most extreme demons, because this level is a new type of extreme demons, ultra-timing demons that maked tthe level look easy, but when you play the level you will always miss the first fricking jump about 90 times.

1f1n1ty responds:

I knew this a long time ago, dude. Imo the reviews section on this piece isn't the place to talk about it

Would rate 5 stars if it wasn’t for the middle of the song. That part is very annoying, long, and boring. A sad melody there would fix this problem. Other than that, my favorite part is 1:09 by far. The melody is dark and catchy, and you can really hear the time and effort put into that part. The rest of the song is pretty good. Overall, good song :)

1f1n1ty responds:

did 2:41 not suffice for you? :(

i would say i'll try to do better next time, but next time happened a long time ago

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