Dark Matter Suite (ft. LOrbSheddy)

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1f1n1ty + LOrbSheddy - Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - Dark Matter Suite (Remix)

Headphones recommended.

Hi, guys! I recently got the chance to collaborate with the awesome guy that is LOrbSheddy! He wanted to do a Dark Matter remix, so I cooperated and we made this. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to check out LOrbSheddy's channel!

Me: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0AVsZw3PociF610Uqd8lMA
LOrb: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFOGqX-R7kHaLKd4bBbyBYQ

Key: Dm - C#m - wholetone - F#m - Dm - F#m - Gm - C
Tempo: 108 - 172 - 108 - 104.8 - 60 - 108 - 129.5 - 160.5 - 145.25 - 168.18 - 145.25 - 103.75
Time Sign: 2/4 - 4/4 - ??? - 4/4 - 3/4 - 4/4 - 2/2
Style: Light ambient - DnB - Dark ambient - Melodic house - Eguitars - Piano solo

- The beginning of the piece was the first thing that was made. I sent LOrb this beginning idea with the triplet arp and the DM 1 melody, and he designed the gross beat glitch thing afterward. The section was supposed to symbolize the first encounter with DM, before the battle begins.
- The big, bad sound effect at 0:47 is the sound effect from the game where Dark Matter cries. Get ready, it's coming!
- The riff in the DnB drop is the theme from "A Warning to All Pokemon", so being a warning, we used a tornado siren sound to really sell the alarm. The fight with Dark Matter gets under way!
- At 1:53, I got a bit inspired by songs like "Night of Nights" and made a crash build.
- In the breakdown, I pulled out full experimental mode. This was the most sfx heavy part of the piece, and every sound effect heard in those 8 measures are different. It represents the rebirth of Dark Matter and the near complete loss of hope.
- The drums at 2:23 were made by taking a crazy 140 BPM drum loop and chopping it up in Slicex. The result sounded really nice and dark, especially with the F#aug chord behind it!
- Ending the section at 2:40 is a sound created by chopping up Dark Matter's own voice sound effect in the game!
- This first piano section was one of the last things made in the song, so I had to figure out how to write something that would loop an extremely dark drum break to a more upbeat melodic drop. And I did that with some firey ambience and a nice distant chime.
- The melodic drop at 3:25 was the first part LOrb wrote. To be honest, LOrb wrote most of the piece - my additions were mostly adding some riffs, references, and darkness. For example, I added all the SFX breaks in this drop. This part represents the second battle, with the Tree of Life revived!
- The transitional section at 4:06 reuses the synth from the dark breakdown extremely nicely. I love how this part turned out!
- The drop at 4:22 is where LOrb first decided to add electric guitars to the piece. He first wrote this section and then went back and added the power to the DM 1 DnB part afterward.
- The drums in the final bridge at 5:14 were made by chopping up a drum loop and putting it in Slicex. This one was a bit more creative, though, as the riff itself I wrote.
- The piano thing at the end was written by me and jazzed up by LOrb. He did a good job!

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This is my favorite song thanks 1nf1n1ty and lorbsheddy! :)

wowz and lolz

Innards rated yay

amazing audio

Came here from a game called "Geometry Dash", where this music was used in a 6 minute long (Called XXL in the game community) level called : "Dark Travel".

The music being inspired from Pokemón is a great thing, because i love (And when i say love, i mean, like L O V E) the game and the music does really well as a remake. Even tho im giving 5 Star just because i love the level in "Geometry Dash", love Pokemón and the music itself, i think it should get 5 Stars because of the time that it consumed of you and LOrbSheddy.

This is my analisys and i hope 1f1n1ty likes it!


1f1n1ty responds:

hi! this song is not "inspired from Pokemon" - it's a medley of melodies related to the character Dark Matter in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon.

i am well aware of the use of this song in geometry dash, glad you enjoyed it

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