Calm Craggy Area (1f1n1ty Remix)

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1f1n1ty - Calm Craggy Area (1f1n1ty Remix)

Oh gosh, how do I talk about this one? There's so much to say aaaaaaaa

Well, another PSMD remix. This one's in a similar vein to the Dark Matter collab I did with LOrbSheddy last year, except there was a lot more, well, experimentation, to say the least. The whole track started with me playing with reversed sounds, and somehow I ended up thinking to record myself playing a drum with my headset mic. From there, I just started playing with everything. I recorded myself humming, I recorded live playback from my midi keyboard, etc. I also played with tons of reversed samples (reverb, delay, etc) and chopped beats in slicex. Needless to say, it was a fun time.

- SkyeWint: A Newgrounds producer. From listening to Skye's music, I couldn't help but observe that the intensity level of the track wasn't always black and white. There wasn't always a clear climactic point, a clear breakdown point, a clear verse or mid section. I was inspired by this to produce something that was more, well, "episodic", as Brotad described to me.
- Adieuwinter: I gave Arcadia another listen and really loved the beginning. I was inspired to create lush, soft textures by this guy :)
- Keisuke Ito, et al: Man, the composers of PSMD's soundtrack gotta be some real geniuses. The reverses were what started the track, and that all comes from the original.
- Bespinben: What can I say? Bespinben is a piano arranger of Mystery Dungeon music, and he's super good at what he does. He's shown me multiple times his prowess in chord voicing, and I can't say I haven't been observing carefully. I tried to incorporate as much lush voicing as possible in this remix.
- Gareth Coker: The piano bit at the end is very inspired by the music of this guy. Haven't heard of him? DEFINITELY check him out.

So... yeah. Enjoy the piece! It's one of my longer ones :P

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0SuOgw_grkI

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OMG THIS SONG IS SOOOOOO RELAXING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nothing to say bro, so aesthetic @.@

I thought this song was put together very well. It felt very atmospheric, the pacing was great and I loved the little attentions to detail such as the little sound effects in the background. I really felt like I was being taken on an adventure through out the song.

I did find a few problem with it, for example I thought the climaxes were cut a bit short, and the part after the first climax felt kind of remote from the rest of the song.

Nevertheless, it was a pleasant experience, and I would definitely recommend this song.

1f1n1ty responds:

I'd argue that all of the parts close to the climax was sort of cut away from the rest. My transition attempts were there, but not all of them were good :P

But I'm glad you appreciated all the glitter I threw around :) I tend to do that a lot

Feels alien and spacey to me. I love it!

It's an amazing song I agree, I am here to ask permission for my GeometryDash level I am making called "SecondsOfRageV2" Can I? I worked hard on it forgot to ask permission. Now I am. So done or no? P.S: I am not here for advertising.

1f1n1ty responds:

I mean you could have DM'd me instead of leaving a review, but yes

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Mar 19, 2017
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