Reviews for "Dark Matter Suite (ft. LOrbSheddy)"


Please can you make sheet music? I want to learn it on piano... (if is it possible)

1f1n1ty responds:

sheet music is a whoooole different animal from electronic music production my boy

like its sooooo different


Remembers me Rhythm heaven omg

Okay... I don't know much about music... but I dare say that this is my absolute favorite song on Newgrounds.

First of all the start, with the nice, peaceful piano... love it! Makes it seem like a peaceful world... until the glitch effects. Then, a great transition into a darker, more intimidating melody. Then, a stunning buildup, and a surprisingly well executed drop. Then, the drop stays different, but consistent in its rhythm. Then, the little glitch effects and the foreboding feeling when you get to the slower part after the drop are just great, and quite well thought out. Then the simple transition into a beautiful piano sequence, well, that just blew me away. Then the thunder effects... like walking down a Lightning Road (GD reference sorry). And then... the song starts up again with little toy piano-type high notes... little does the listener know that the drop is coming. Then, the melodic, upbeat drop... is capable of making even the most melancholy person crack a grin. Then after this, I love the use of the guitar... literally that part made me almost cry. And then, as the song speeds up for one last time, it seems like the final triumph on any particular adventure... and then the song slows down. Like the end of any great, life-changing adventure, it slows down... like a hero returning home, like a journey come to an end. Then, the last piano sequence literally made me cry.

This entire song is an incredible experience. 1001/1000.

Best of luck,


1f1n1ty responds:

hey Xenon

the start with the "peaceful piano" is definitely canonically meant to be gazing at the enemy, but where the enemy is so grand that it's not even filled with fear - it's filled with awe.

and then the glitches go into the buildup and that's when you realize that the battle has begun