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Called to the Sea

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Edit: Ahoy there! Looks like I tied for 2nd place in the 2015 Newgrounds Deserted Island Contest! Farewell, island refuge. The diet of fish and coconuts was starting to take its toll...

So hey, be sure to check out the other 2nd place track by Emid called A Folklore! And don't miss the 1st place track by Phonometrologist titled Costa Concordia!

In fact, while you're at it, pleasure your earholes with ALL the tracks conceived by the entrants...you won't be disappointed!
. . . - - - . . .
Help! I've been shipwrecked and am hopelessly stranded on a deserted island. All I have are my trusty laptop and a half-corrupted flash drive with a couple dozen samples. How will I ever be rescued?

By the power of music! At least, I certainly hope so...

My 21 life-saving samples include:
- cymbal_crash2_fff1
- glock_medium_C6_01
- KSHarp_A2_f1
- KSHarp_A4_mf1
- Marimba_hit_Outrigger_C4_loud_01
- Marimba_hit_Outrigger_G2_loud_01
- susCymb1_cresc_4s
- timpani_2_hit_ff2
- timpani_3_hit_fff4
- LLVln_ArcoVib_A3_mf
- LLVln_ArcoVib_A4_mf
- LLVln_ArcoVib_A5_mf
- CelloEns_susvib_C1_v1_1
- CelloEns_susvib_C3_v1_1
- LDFlute_expvib_A3_v1_1
- LDFlute_expvib_A4_v1_1
- LDFlute_expvib_D4_v1_1
- snareNew_hit_fff1
- snareNew_roll_fff1
- 7TbnEns_Sus_Bb2_fff
- 7TbnEns_Sus_Bb3_fff

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How is this only 2:45 minutes? It feels like 10 minutes of earpleasure. The song depicts an array of emotions in such a short amount of time.

ChronoNomad responds:

Haha, that's a pretty good trick, no? Very kind of you to say, BlueOceans! I had a lot of fun making this track for the Deserted Island contest, and I am completely blown away by the overall number of listens and positive response. Perhaps I should make more tracks out of samples like this...

Many thanks for the review! ^__^

Nice track! Has orchestral tones, and airy ambience, marching drums, rolling waves, and for a short moment that pirate feeling as well, seems to go through the whole spectrum of sounds of the sea. Easy on the ears, yet with plenty of pace too. Nice piece!


ChronoNomad responds:

Many thanks, Cyberdevil! I'm a little surprised at the overall popularity of the track, but it does seem to possess that certain je ne sais quoi. Basically, it's one of those tracks that started out trying to be one thing, then transformed itself into something else entirely. In fact, most of the instrument samples I started out with ended up being scrapped and replaced over the duration of the project. Kind of like how a really good story almost writes itself, you know?

This track definitely had a mind of its own, and I could hardly be happier with the end result. I'm glad that you enjoy the music, and I really appreciate that you took the time to leave a review. A toast to your good health, matey!

Beautiful. This song is good to listen to while relaxing. It puts you in a mindful position. I like the orchestral elements. Hard to believe this song was made on a computer. It still feels as though it was composed by a group of people. This song invokes a dreamlike sense of awareness. All in all, I like it very much. :)

ChronoNomad responds:

I'm really happy to hear that you enjoy the music so much! Not only was it made with a computer using FL Studio, but it was even created from low-quality versions of the orchestral samples that were used specifically for this contest. Somehow that serves to make it an even better track, and hey--it ended up in a tie for 2nd place, so--bonus!

To be honest, it's kind of amazing how popular this particular track is. But I love it too, so I probably shouldn't be too surprised. All the elements I chose just really came together in my mind's eye, and Called to the Sea was the end result of that vision.

Thank you very much for the lovely review and even adding me to your favorite musical artists here on Newgrounds! ^___^

Wow! This track is just full of dynamics! On top of that, an incredibly rich musical-driven story. The harp, glock, and flutes work so excellently together. In fact, your implementation of those three instruments in particular remind me of Motoi Sakuraba's work (perhaps my favorite composer). There is something inherently peaceful about both the introduction and conclusion. I enjoyed the more 'pirate-esque', adventurous body of the track, though there's really something special about the beginning and end here. 1:55 gave me goosebumps for goodness sake!

Wonderfully written and produced, Chrono! :D

ChronoNomad responds:

Many thanks for the review, N-B! It's always incredible to know that such dynamics are appreciated, and it is always a true honour to be compared to such a legendary composer. Sakuraba-san's name came up in one of my 'What Lies Beyond' reviews, so I feel doubly humbled and thrilled by a second compliment in the same vein!

I really had a strong sense of what I wanted to do with this track. Not that I had everything planned out the instant I started working on it of course, but the idea of peace and tranquility as my musical bookends was ever present, as well as the more exciting and adventurous central motif. After testing out each of the NGDIC samples we were allowed to use (50, all told) and making my instrument choices (up to 25), it all just kind of came together. I practically feel as though the track wrote itself, if that makes any sense at all. Things just clicked, and the funny part was that I had started out with an almost completely different set of instrument samples!

Glad to share a bit of musical horripilation! That's one of those things that always tells me that I've been unequivocally transported by a fantastic composition. Goosebumps, shivers up my spine, and the like. So glad that you enjoy the music! ^__^

Sorry I'm so late to reviewing! I've been on a vacation in Cyprus, and when I got back, I immediately had a concert etc. XD

But now that I'm here, I'm astonished! You managed to create such a beautiful track with the samples you were using.
I almost hate to say this, but man do some of the parts of this track remind me of Nobuo Uematsu's work (along with some other retro game composers)! I say that far too often, but maybe it's because of the harp sample, as well as the rhythm at examplewise 1:07. I think it's something with the harmonies too.
Either way, don't worry. That's about as big a compliment you can get from me, as I really love this kind of composition.

Congrats on winning 2nd place!
amazing job!!!

ChronoNomad responds:

Aw, that's okay! Hope you had a fantastic vacation and concert, Lucid. ^___^

Wow, thank you very much for such an encouraging review. I really enjoyed the challenge of using these samples, and the contest idea itself was just plain fun. Not sure why you hate to say it, but I do know that having any portion of my music compared to the great Nobuo Uematsu is an incredible honour. Taking 2nd place in the contest was quite a surprise, actually! A very pleasant one, at that.

Many thanks again for offering up such nice feedback! I'm still kind of in awe that this track has been moving up the charts like it has...

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4.39 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2015
5:53 PM EDT
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