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As Stars that Shine (FULL)


Author Comments

Because I risk losing other tracks to Eden and I might as well preserve the finished one. OS troubles on my computer AGAIN.

Here is the full version of As Stars that Shine. To list what I did...

1. Synth loop.
2. Imagined how the piano was played.
3. Recorded vocals in the style of an Irish lilt.
4. Did click noises by tapping a paintbrush against my desk.

I initially thought of throwing in more voices and percussion, but I think it's good as is. I hope. Hope you all enjoy it.

Used in this project:
Akai-Steinway III soundfont, by Denis.

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Hey there! This is a really interesting fusion of cinematic and video game music! I like it. I can tell you put your all into making this come together well. It loops great!

So the tapping is a paintbrush? Haha it sounded like drumsticks tapping together to me! Indeed, there are endless possibilities with editing sounds of common objects you see everyday.

I love the atmospheric, spacey synths at the beginning. The vocals sounded really good, but that's not really a surprise coming from you. ;) Interesting how "celtic" and "medieval" were tagged, given the electronic sound textures, but it still seemed fitting somehow. Maybe because of the mood and style of the piece? The vocals also help with that mood. It loops really well, and I love the sense of progression throughout the piece. The vocal melody at :37 was quite a high point of the piece. I like how it feels conclusive at the end, yet it still loops! :D Keep up the great work, Troisnyx. ^^

Absolutely love it!

ive listened to this for hours , and i haven't done that to any song in years.

looking forward for your future work because you've got a new fan :D

Hey Trois, hope you've been doing well!
As a composition, this is one of my favourites from you. The warm, deep piano chords are really lovely. That synth loop is really nice! Reminds me of Crossing Those Hills (world map theme) from Final Fantasy IX. The sound design in this is really spot on too, the electronic effects. What did you use for those? ^0^ As always, your harmonies sound divine. One thing I should point out though is making sure you really focus on the very final details. For example, at 0:07, you can hear the sound created by saliva as you open your mouth xD just little bits like this that would take a second to highlight and silence when cleaning up your vocals would really wrap this up! :)

In terms of the paintbrush percussion, I remember somebody on here gave me some really good mixing advice, though I can't remember for the life of me whom it was... Anyway, they told me to turn the volume of a track down as far low as it can go until you can only hear one instrument. Once you can hear the loudest instrument, the one that stands out above the rest, turn it down slightly until it no longer overwhelmingly stands out. If I take my headphones out and pull them as far away from my ears until I can only hear one instrument, the tapping of the paintbrush is pretty overwhelmingly loud. ^ ^ A technique for you to try sometime!

It's so nice to hear more music from you. I think the thing that sets you apart from the very many musicians in the Audio portal is that you have your own very recognisable and unique style. I'd like to think that I'd be able to recognise your compositions, even without any vocals, if somebody showed one to me and didn't tell me it was yours. Congratulations on the frontpage too, well deserved!

Troisnyx responds:

Heys. ^_^ Lovely to hear from you again. So far, so good. We really ought to catch up -- there's quite a lot happening on this end at least.

Thanks for the immense detail in your review; I am certainly going to try it all out. The synth loop was something I sequenced (8-bit square wave), and the electronic effects are Hatsune Miku's voice. FL has a fragment of Miku's voice in the demo projects, but there is no mandate that no-one could make a similar chopping of Miku's voice anywhere... But yes, I will admit, that paintbrush is just too loud. XD

It makes me really glad to hear that you recognise my style -- sometimes I cannot even tell what sets it apart. But that may just be me being blind to what I can do, something I've struggled with for a long time. Thanks again, and speak soon, my friend.

You begin well with this one: my attention is caught directly, though, as you progress, the tapping paintbrush would have been better left as another instrument or a real clock; I cannot say whether it is the bias from already knowing what it is, but it sticks out like a rather sore thumb, especially among the other already synthetic sounds, and I think that perhaps using a different instrument would have been better. Other than that this sticks out a bit, as a piece of ambient music, this is rather nice. Not your best, certainly, but it is not, by any means, bad, and also loops quite well.

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4.64 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2015
5:38 AM EDT
Video Game
File Info
1.4 MB
1 min 13 sec

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