Reviews for "As Stars that Shine (FULL)"

You begin well with this one: my attention is caught directly, though, as you progress, the tapping paintbrush would have been better left as another instrument or a real clock; I cannot say whether it is the bias from already knowing what it is, but it sticks out like a rather sore thumb, especially among the other already synthetic sounds, and I think that perhaps using a different instrument would have been better. Other than that this sticks out a bit, as a piece of ambient music, this is rather nice. Not your best, certainly, but it is not, by any means, bad, and also loops quite well.

For the way that you did this song, this was VERY well put together. I love that synth in the beginning, and it loops beautifully. I think it was a very creative version...sooo nice! Wonderful work, here!

Really atmospheric, well accented by those vocals in the background,well put together! :)

That synth gives it a futuristic vibe.
This is absolutely glorious, mysterious, magical and it reminds me of the similarly themed pieces from ghost in the shell soundtracks.

I beg you for a download :)

This is great work! I like how it's pretty suspenseful.