Reviews for "As Stars that Shine (FULL)"

This is great work! I like how it's pretty suspenseful.

That synth gives it a futuristic vibe.
This is absolutely glorious, mysterious, magical and it reminds me of the similarly themed pieces from ghost in the shell soundtracks.

I beg you for a download :)

Really atmospheric, well accented by those vocals in the background,well put together! :)

Absolutely love it!

ive listened to this for hours , and i haven't done that to any song in years.

looking forward for your future work because you've got a new fan :D

Hey there! This is a really interesting fusion of cinematic and video game music! I like it. I can tell you put your all into making this come together well. It loops great!

So the tapping is a paintbrush? Haha it sounded like drumsticks tapping together to me! Indeed, there are endless possibilities with editing sounds of common objects you see everyday.