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Punchline practitioners

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Author Comments

EDIT: Beat by Wyte-Stingray, my bad for not mentioning it the first time

Slowly gettin back on the grind. Shit is so damn touch now a days what with the constant pussy, beer, work, and sleepin....
Anyway, Klazik hit me up with this shit, and here it is...

Lurics son:

Im greasy like bacon. Ur so gay like clay aiken
Im Hot like a oven; from Hawaii like mcloven
Im dirty like the dirty dozen, your in the kitchen baking muffins
Im brighter than the brightness of bright high beam lights.
Got more fight and white in me like the white hype
More dislike in me than a wife holding a knife about to take her husbands life
Im harder than the hardest porn star. Mentality fast like a jaguar
Ur slow like sloth. Im fly like a moth
Ur soft like silk cloth Im needed like mashed potatoes really need broth
Ur getting sour like a war head. You got punchlines staler than stale bread
Your street cred is more fake than a wood leg. Your dads in debt
You're poor like your waiting to get paid
You're a pimp? your paying to get laid
You're a nerd and about to make a magic card fucking trade
Yes the thick glasses you wear slightly concave
Mo fucking behave. Youll quickly become my slave
Don't try to evade cuz ill trade ya faster
Than I do my own funds on etrade.
And your pay I will degrade
And you will not retaliate and say
Anything to me. You can not relate
Or escape your fate that im giving you today
Mofucking Im great

Got the punchlines comin up LIKE THEY never gonna end,
Im great like the ape and im snatchin up your bread,
Wonder, gonna tear you down asunder,
Call me crackin like im thunder,
Call me phonie only, you dont know me,
So shut your mouth, and blow me slowly homie
You wanna battle, but how can i call you bad,
when im steady in my crib chillin and rippin kittens in half,
Drinkin out this flask while im strappin on my mask,
Gettin ready to break right through the pearly gates,
rape every single angel on my way to change my fate,
Tell god that he musta made mistakes,
if he made me in his image why am i filled with so much hate
Madwigged use third person to pop this shit off
Madwigged hafta Break the fourth wall in this song,
I see you bout to click five, click x then move on,
But stay, wait, hit reveiw and drop some hate,
I need some shit to yell while i smash your girlfriends a,
After i get done violatin her in your bed,
Ill wipe my shitty dick off on my pillow for your head.
Drop this beat off, this fucker is dead

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i love punchline practitioners, i'm one myself and i'm a metaphore monster

a dude!

voice sounds too close to the mic, but you got flow dude. Its not perfect but those lyrics got straight style!
your shit is sweet as hell lol, i love it!

I'm tellin you dude, you need a better beat cuz your lyrics is like level 5, while your beat is level 1 or 2. ya kno?

Peace homie!

Madwigged responds:

Thanks man. Just droppin shit on whatever my man throws at me. Gotta get back on the grind. So damn lazy. Haha, thanks for listening.

rippin' kittens...

I remember that one time I ripped a kitten in half...It was pretty cool, a lil messy though. It reminds me of how you and klazik ripped this track in half, raw gentlemen.

Madwigged responds:

Thanks girl, pretty explosive diarrhea right now. Dont know how that equates, but yeah...

Not bad at all

The background voices were hella funny XD. Lyrics werent bad. Pretty good. Beat is pretty sick. Props to Wyze-Stingray fo that. Quality of the mic wasnt too good. But its all good. 8/10 4/5 homie. Keep it up

Madwigged responds:

Good lookin baby. Thanks for listenin, and dropin knowledge.

Hey dawg

Klazik, that better not be a magic insult in there, or else it's ON! jk jk. You guys did well.

Thanks for using my beat, and good work.

Madwigged responds:

Thanks for the go ahead man. You as always came through with some sick beats. Good lookin.

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4.87 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2010
7:05 PM EST
File Info
2 MB
2 min 15 sec

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Please contact me if you would like to use this in a project. We can discuss the details.