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Cold as ice

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Author Comments

Me and klazzic back at it.

Here are some lyrics:

Madwigged comin at yah, cold as yeti tits
Already sick, when I speak you best be ready bitch
Cause my vernacular is spectacular on some massacre shit
Excalibur in its scabbard turns kings to elastomer dick

A catheter is given because im always pissed off
Seems wrong to belong when id smoke the world like a bong
Think you can stop me I dare you to follow, im kicking your ass then hitting the bottle
Its know like its written, but shit would be different if I were kitten, a pussy to quitting it

Damn, Ima open the door
33 pirates come through and make it ashore
Ransacked and pillaged like the Vikings through your village
We will kill you then were chill-in

Call me a villain, and I know that im super
Try and keep up, and I’ll leave you in a stupor
No words out your mouth as I drop the staccato, ripping up tracks like a rap Aristotle
No need to fit in, its finished efficience, this fitness of fission, a rap intuition

Klazik Nadi:
Cold as ice, cold as miller light
colder than when i left ya saddened, standing over you laughing that damn night.
Damn right, got the upper hand and might
come over, break your shoulder. Know that I be damn cold, alright.
/Out of sight, out of mind.
Out my damn mind when I find ya, break ya spine. I leave ya crying.
Its a sign of me coming when all of a sudden your muttering, falling, the fallen, feeling nothing.
/muddying up the waters bothers, never cloud the situation
or be facing negative consequences. Haymakers, your face and
landing bows. Out of control, stealing your soul. Whoa!
Where'd ya go. Dont recognize ya no more!
/Dont care, told ya before that Im cold as ice.
Drank the miller light, now twice as cold. Misery does entice.
Spices up my life when you try to roll the dice.
Whyd you play? Oh yea, you not too fucking bright!

Colder shoulders thought I told yah shit is absolute
Resolute I’ll take your digits hypothermic to the truth
A god so cower in fright, if not youre showered with ice
Adopt a baby, drop him in a dumpster cause I gave em lice

So frigid when im sipping whiskey mixed with natty ice
Some Gatorade to hydrate is always sound advice
I’m glacial got your girl unfurled and feeling like a vice
Icy facials glazed, the frosting thick and imprecise

But that’s alright it will suffice as snow will cover everything
Global warming… what? Got orphans that I m abandoning,
It challenging to be so artic, its part sick and maddening,
But Im already crazy eating dry ice while im shambling

Artic with my arson on my way to give abortions,
Brisk as an artist then im off to harvest organs
Icicles a bargain when you need to stab a mormon
Darkness is alarming, if breath is seen it is a warning


Im fuckin niiiiiiiceeee!!!!! no seriously.. we should make a Im Fookin Nice 2!

Nice drop on both verses!


Madwigged responds:

We should. Im still fucking nice! Also you are fucking nice!

I feel like you set the song off for real. Great shit klazik. Props baby.

fiya! if only you had a copy of your verse in the description. otherwise i feel that you really improved dude, one of the main and prolly most impressive change up was the pitch of your voice. now im not sure if you kept a higher pitch (with many high frequencies that sometimes pierced the ears) because you had to due to mic quality or because of the room you had to record in, but it definitely makes it easier on the ears, to tolerate and actually understand the words you are saying. a much better deliver.

i will be honest with you and only honest. the verse that you wrote, overall seemed rather mediocre to me compared to the meaning power that you are usually able to express. it seemed to me that you were trying to try to write a verse, as if there was some mental constipation and you just had to force that good shit out. and you did pop it out dude, congrats on that! but i think that you could've done even better if maybe you took the time and effort. maybe the time and effort was so overwhelming and you put so much focus on trying to bow down to the particular topic, instead of expanding on it. but its all part of the learning process dude. one quality i really like about you is how you never give up and just do your own thing. i especially like the detail you may have added at the beginning of your verse with the soda pop snap sound effect hehe, like alert alert suga flows incoming! lol.

it was a good verse, i would say a decent verse, but to me, i feel that you have so much more potential. maybe you just need to relax and take a break? explore life and have funzikins and fart.

i get the feeling that you are better at freestyling than at sitting down and writing raps. lol, sometimes these things shift as we grow. its beginning to shift, on this side, for me. i find that i would rather freestyle than write, but when i reunite with that awesome power, i hit ya with the passion.

its so funny dude, ive got my album in the works (i just need to rewrite a verse or two then record that shiznits) but in one of my tracks i say "outta sight outta mind" at the end hehe, im not gonna change it anytime but just wanted to say that. cause you know the cliche: great minds think alike. you are not alone, though many times we must feel that way to excel in our category.

because stars shine most brightest at night. so whenever you are feeling lost and lonely never give in to total despair and devastation. simple steps.

peace thru pieces.

also Madwigged was dope too, but i would say that to better pronounce your words when doing the fast flow, or people will not understand anything you are saying lol. i can see you put a lot of work into your material, and that i give props too. keep at it!

Q ~~

Madwigged responds:

Thanks man. I cant speak for klazik, but sometimes its fun to just make a less serious song... Just for fun. I also have infant twins, so i dont get as much time to drop shit as i like.

Anyway thanks for the review man. I appreciate your viewpoints. Respect.

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4.85 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2016
9:17 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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