Needle dick. BN Diss.

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So check it, we all hate this guy broken needle. I was try to actually to help this homo with some shit, and he comes outta his face askin me to shit on him. I obliged. So here it is. ANOTHER person shittin on him. Will it ever be enough?
Oh and BN thanks in advance for the 5. I like your style. Almost like i would feel bad for you.

Yo this shit makes me sad,
You wanna get shit on so bad
you should sit-sit-sit down, shut your mouth and take laxitive before you get mad
Look at the way you had everyone on this site hate you
Its not because your great but because they were angry they couldnt erase you
No one could replace you, honestly how much worse could they do,
i could sound better than you with a throat full of staples,
spit them out in your face right before i rape you,
Crush you up and cut you up right before i go and scrape you,
Then bust right out on the scene,
your only angry because your not old enough to read 17 magazine.
Spinnin this shit so hard its like im playing golden tee
So go shave your goatee, and pick up a heavy mic
Put on your hard voice, your beanie cap and pretend you can fight.
So at the end of the night when the votes are counted all up,
FInd out that you lost will you finally give it all up?
Admit that i am better sulk in the corner and shut the fuck up?
Short answer is no, But i cant say that you are wrong,
After all how would i wipe my ass when you are gone?
Cant go back to toilet paper caus broken needle is just too soft
So get off my balls and dont ever ask me to turn my head and cough
Dammit i understand, your anger inside that you try and hide
but it makes you feel alone and makes you like guys.
But i dont like guys, and i straight up hate women,
They all shisty bitches who desevere the dirt they live in
Speakin of dirty you happen to look just like pig pen
From the comic penuts except you threw a lisp in
Throat full of seamen is the only reason that you grinnin.

Not for nothing i know iam less than perfect,
and if i ever get killed guess what i probably deserved it.
I probably scream like an angry hippie Fuck this earth shit.
The day broken needle beats me is the day that god has cursed it.

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Not bad

Good lyrics and a good flow but your accent was hard to understand for me as a German.
Drop a comment on my track(s) if you want.

Madwigged responds:

Word, ima check that shit now girl.

Good flow.

Got some good flow bro. Straight lyrics...
Mic quality is my only downer.
Good beef song. ^__^ lol.
aight man. Stay up


Madwigged responds:

Damn. Old school.... I LOVE IT


And the Winner is Madwigged ...

Madwigged responds:

Thanks man.

Oh man, you know who you remind me of?

Well your style that is.. you remind me of "Scribe". When I used to listen to underground music, those we're probably one of my favorite groups. I like your beat selection.. but your flow.. it's weird mayne lol
You got flow, there's just some parts you gotta fix
It sounds like you forcing too many words

meaning "You got too many rocks in your river"

And the beef between you & Bn? Imma be neutral as fuck on this. BN got chu at punchlines & You got BN with flow, no doubt. I find ya'll pretty equal in a way cept your a tad bit better. Well since we already know who the victor of this shit is.. stop the beef and get back on your grind. yea dig


Madwigged responds:

Yeah i feel yah. What it was he came out and challenged me. Put out a dis song, i responded with with this one. Then he released like 9 more, which i never wasted my time responding to it. So no real beef on my side.
Thanks for the review man. I appreciate the knowledge you dropped, and yeah i did stuff alot of words in there, i was just so amped to do it.
Be easy baby.


Wonderful lyrical content, but at times your flow gets fucked up by putting too many syllables into a bar. Also, I'm not sure if you were trying to go for this, and I haven't listened any of your other tracks yet, so I'm not sure if you know about 16's and were just trying to for a long flow, or what. Anyway, you might wanna amp your voice a little more and drop that reverb you've got going. I personally dislike obvious effects on vocals, but that's just my steez.

Good job overall.

Madwigged responds:


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Mar 30, 2009
10:55 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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