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Life isnt what we are told it is...
A song collabo by Klazik Nadi and madwigged.

Credit for the instrumental goes to Mophead367 for making a sick track.

Props to Liberal Shimming on the beat production! Quality!

Please rate and review, drop some critiques or hate. Its all good.


Klazik Nadi's Verse:

They're causing ruckus, strip us down and abduct us
saying to us, leave now, quit, or quickly hit us with knuckles
their reluctant, they obstruct and then we're suck in
we’re pulled in to their path and clash with their truth plucking
/We're told that we did it, told how we need to admit it
when we're clueless, saying "who lets one be that acidic?"
they get livid, we're told to paint a picture thats vivid
saying "tell us again how ya disassemble screws and rivets"
/the life they living, pushing people to their limits
saying that we lie, that we're gimmicks, and are a grimace
We're told to mimic, told to listen while they coach
They showed how to approach the bench, tell a hoax
/Dark glasses, trench coats, black hat with flat brim
try to persuade and coax us to agree with them
saying that we'll get dividends or be blasted to heaven
so we spout off some lies, then seen on the news at seven

We're told that there is only one way to do things
We're treated like possesions and possessed earthlings
We're told to live by the rules and regulations
We're told to live this way or face negative confrontations.

Politicians shittin wishing devising ways of poor division
Make constituent conditions meet elections they envision Opposition find collision in collusion so efficient
As allusion for tradition two who rule were are conditioned

To accept it, as all people are created equal
Relgion told us we were nothing now this the sequel
See it loud an clear, dont need the vision of an eagle
See that those who rule find us to be oh so feeble

We told its for the good, were told that were the best
AMERICA IS NUMBER ONE, superior so dont forget
Lies in the face of whats right, lies to the left and the right
We told the day is great, but they dont mention the night

We told the status quo is around for a reason,
Trickle down economics as reliable as the seasons,
To question what is told, is conspiracy with demons,
The whistle that is blown, is clearly a treason,

Listen when your told, but decide for youself
Derision of decicions is a control in its self
Were told we can never make it, without any help,
If were told the truth, then its time we told ourselves.




ohhhh the dopeness is overwhelming.

the realness is real. from the sound quality to the meaning, its all real folks. not that gittery shit you always see in the mainstream lens.

klaziks flow and rhyme schemes are very good.

madwigged perspective is on point.

everything is so phat, full of hooks and bridges.

and i dont even have to say this. liberalshimmering is always fantastic with the sounds.

Q ~~

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Madwigged responds:

Thanks man. I appreciate the review, and thanks for listening.

The beat and lyrics are really good. Keep it up.

Madwigged responds:

Thank you very much.

This CERTAINLY Has The San Diego West Coast Chill Rap. Trill Dawg ;)

Dope :)

Madwigged responds:

Thank you!

The lines throughout were dope. I fucking love the subject matter. As far as the way the overall track sounds, Madwigged vocals could be a little better, but I understand how hard it is to record when you don't have the best equipment.

Also, the vocals drowned out the snare just a bit. Turn them down a decibel or 2 and I'll replace this with the instrumental version that I'll be releasing.

Props to KlazikNadi and Madwigged for using my beat. :)

5/5 9/10

Madwigged responds:

Oh thanks man! I had no idea where the instrumental came from... My apologies, i'll edit the description to give props where they are due. For the vocals, are you talking about mine? Of his? Or both?

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Mar 25, 2014
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