Hip hop wont stop

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Shits about real hip hop haters. FUCK ya'll caus even satan couldnt hate on this shit. FUCKIN NICE
I rip first, baf next, the rooby22 with the endidn. Make sure you pay attention, caus your wig is about to be blown off.

Keep it real.
Rate it, or hate it. Im the most flexin mc here faggots. Fucke em all! im twizted.

Beat by Xplicit DayDayX.

Edit: I redid the begining because i was drunk when i previously did it... Sounds better now. Also i read what i wrote up there, and i, of course being drunk was rediculous. Whatevs though, im leavin it.

Here some lyrics for you.

I know i never be the best but that will never stop me
Always keep workin too see if i will reach top fiend
Dimoralizes the rest, but i am not effected
pure determination and i know ill never quit this.

This the way i rip it and im comin out swingin
Runnin full speed but the problem is im trippin.
All these people shittin, and talkin all that trash
Talkin bout my spttin, i should just whip they ass
The way that i rip it and the way that i go
Is only for myself so i dont need no dough
For me to rip up track and for me to feel so great
I dont need anyone and i dont need there hate
I'll make them all see what lies inside the real me,
I bet they'd be suprized, and realized im a true g
I may never that chance, but i dont need it,
Im a fuckin feind, to this rap im addicted,
No money in my hand so no need to try and flip it,
All up in the dream is the way that im livin
I always hold the mic tight and keep the rhymes right
Connecting all the dots sicker than blank light bright.


Annnnd i way to lazy to type up the other parts, ill see if i can get the respective artist to hit me with em.

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Re-do re-do!

re-do this! With cool voice!

I'll give it an 8.

Seemed poorly recorded, but I never judge based on how it was recorded cause my mic is complete shit.

I liked your rap, flow seemed on-time and your lyrics were probably the best in the song. I actually liked the need it/addicted rhyme the best. Yea, swinging and trippin was questionable but that's the kind of rhyme Eminem does in almost every song, so your good there. But also, you did rhyme only 1 syllables most of the time. You covered them up nicely with the need it/addicted type of rhymes.

Baf's flow seemed a little off and he seemed to skip at parts. I didn't understand most of the lyrics, but what I did understand didn't seem that great. (In my opinion)

Rooby22 had the best flow but I could not understand what his lyrics were at all. Although, his rap seemed to fit absolutely perfectly into the song. I still couldn't figure out what his lyrics were.

Beat was alright.

Madwigged responds:

Sorry this reply is so late. I thank you for giving me an actual listen. Im glad that at least one person "Heard" it. The Mic is a problem, but the idea carries through. Rooby killed it, but at the same point he did jump off the idea of the song. Its Reviews like yours that make me believe that i should keep trying. Thanks for listening,


I understand that a lot of other people are diggin the hell out of this track, so maybe there's something in it that I'm missing, but, well:

Flow seems off. Yours and Baf's. You know you're supposed to end your bar on the snare, right?

At 2:38 there's a double snare like you sampled the verse loop incorrectly.

The chorus sounds distorted, possibly due to incorrect overdubbing or you breaking 0db on your mic. It also doesn't seem to flow very well along the beat.

At many points, I'm confronted by the fact that you're rhyming ones (1 syllable at the end of the bar rhymes). Try working on your multi's.
Also, it seems that a lot of the time, you're not rhyming at all. For example, "swingin / trippin", or "need it / addicted". Some artists can pull it off, and you might be one, but I'm just not feeling it here.

Rooby seems to draw out his words quite a bit, which takes away from the song in general. Also, it sounds like he hasn't spent much time on the mic, due to his lack of comfortability and use of his diaphragm.

Decent beat.

Madwigged responds:

Damn dude.
I always appreciate some feedback, but everytime i get gassed about havin a new review, and i see its yours it just ruins it. Regardless of your opinion, which you are welcome to of course, it just always negative and shit. I mean thats cool, im just sayin that you dont seem to like my shit, or my style, or my rhyming schemes, or even the lyrics. Thats cool though, i guess i woulda just stop listening to me, but your hanging in there. Haha, thanks again for the review.

P.S.: The need it/addicted thing is part of an ABAB rhyme scheme.


u sure they didnt put u on 106 and park man lol. u deserve to be there. 10/10, 5/5


Madwigged responds:

Thanks bro! i appreciate that shit.


True hiphop. :)

Madwigged responds:

Yeah man, just real life here. Thanks for listening.

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Feb 24, 2009
11:21 PM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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