Cries of the Tormented

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Now that that's over...
Well, here's something new. A trance song with monster moans, scary sound effects and a lot of choirs... I'm not really sure which genre to put this in. It's ambient because of the choirs and pad playing long notes and all of those sound effects too, but at the same time it's piano trance because piano is the main instrument, and also the drums are trance drums anyway. Just think of this as Ambient/Trance.

The instruments I used were a piano from the FluidR3 GM soundfont, some sound effects (including but not limited to the moaning and the weird reverse cymbal at the beginning) from a miscellaneous soundfont, the exaggerated amount of choirs from Magnus Choir VST (I found out how to change the choir preset XD), the bass playing after the intro from the SMG V2.01 (I think; I split it from a soundfont and I'm not sure which one), the bells from the miscellaneous soundfont, the fast bass in the background that plays at the second monster scream is a random bass sample, a dream pad from the Unison soundfont, some drum samples I downloaded (along with a kick I layered) and finally I used 3 FL default drum presets. I heavily edited them though :P. The first FL preset is the default kick that's the reverbed kick which I used throughout the song. The second is a heavily edited default FL cymbal (added reverb, delay, twisted the 'time' knob in the channel settings and played it at C4), which I used at 0:11, and the third drum preset comes in at 0:26 and is that default snare. I edited the volume envelope, increasing its attack time, and made a pattern with really fast notes playing it, which are fading in and out. You can barely notice them, eh :P? By the way, I also used the Fruity Love Philter properly over here, and this uses quite a few automation clips too, so in other words, very very, very slowly, I'm becoming an FL pro :P.

Anyways, thanks a lot to aliaspharow who told me that the song was too quick, the percussion was too quiet and that the bells and bass need to be lower. Also, thanks to Darklight17 who told me that the bass was too quiet, that the intro was too empty, the kick was too soft and helped me harmonize arpeggio-ish notes in the background at 1:17. Finally, thanks to Blackhole12 who's been listening to a considerable amount of song of mine that I sent him before I submit them, and critiquing them a lot too. Phew, a lot of thanks O.o. Anyway, enjoy the song; took me ages, and I worked much much harder on this than I did on Transformation. Thanks for listening, and please leave a review when you can. I respond to every review, and if the review is helpful and not just a one liner, I review back with an enormous review that would almost surely be the biggest review you would've ever had. Again, enjoy!

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Woah that was such a cool intro. And what's up with the nice drums. The bassline is a bit off at 0:57. God that piano sucks so hard. How did you manage to make such a nice intro and then ruining everything with the piano. Now it's harmonized in fifths what are you doing. The second time around I can hear it would be a decent riff if it was a lot more silent. And the arpeggios that appear in the last part are cool. Still large amounts of overcompression but it's not as bad as last time.

Again, this would be a really cool track if there was a lot less piano.

Step responds:

"Woah that was such a cool intro."

I knowww, at this point in time I realised how awesome choir intros are and I think I might just make another (except not compressed to infinity and back) for my next EPIC-epic song.

"Now it's harmonized in fifths what are you doing."

Echo did that stuff man. Let me harmonise it, he said. I'm Grade 8 music theory, he said.

"Again, this would be a really cool track if there was a lot less piano."

Well, "really cool" for crappy NG techno standards!


You were right, this intro is very epic, your hard work has payed off :) The intro makes me think of my absolute favourite game "metroid prime triology" it´s awesome :D The song as whole is nice too, I like the bass and the piano trace is very nice!

Keep up your good work :)

Step responds:

Hey, thanks for the review! Gah, loads of people tell me my intros sound like metroid prime :P. Glad you liked the piano trance and bass too :D. Thanks again for the awesome review, and the 10/10 :).

Quite Industrial sounding

Nice work, good use of the piano and a little soft on the actual cries, despite the strong start with them. I seriously thought that you were going to use more of the vocals for cries, screams and howls of anguished pain.

With the way that the beat compliments the piano, I also thought it could be an industrial track, as opposed to trance, since you're lacking in raw pace that this particular genre tends to crave, to keep the listeners in a trance.

I think it's a good track and that there will certainly be places and times that this could be used in the production of many pieces by Newgrounds users. Great stuff.

[Review Request Club

Step responds:

Thanks for the review, Coop! I never thought this could be Industrial, since TBH, I don't know much about Industrial anyway :P. About the cries, screams and howls, I would add more, but the rest sounded like baby cries rather than monster cries xP. I doubt anyone will use it in a Flash, because I'm not one of the best artists here on NG, but whatever, thanks again for the review!

Powerful until it turn into something it's not.

The beginning starts out great, it carried a heavy ominous feeling to it,
then it stated to turn into something that didn't complement the mood you had initially built.

I still liked it although I wish you would have continued on with that initial darker tone, It wasn't bad though, the beginning reminds me of the "blank fairy" track on my Akira Yamoka cd.

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

Step responds:

Thanks for the review, Celx! Yeah, a lot of people liked the intro and wanted me to continue it in a darker more ambient song like the intro, but when it comes to composing ambient, I become impatient after approximately the 20th bar xP. Anyway, thanks again for the review!

Good song

The intro is very creepy, could be the score to a psycho thriller or even a horror movie.

The track that follows after the intro isn't so creepy anymore, but the atmosphere is definitely very dark, despite the high pitched notes you used throughout the track.

While I don't like the outro here too much (it's a bit too abrupt) it's still nice that you ended the song the same way you started it, with a small "bang".

{ Review Request Club }

Step responds:

Thanks for the review, Haggard! :D. I really don't know what got into me when I made this song. I was aiming for some normal trance with a choir intro, but I continued by adding more choirs to the intro, some scary effects, a bell, and it became the creepiest intro ever made XD. Then, I just had to go with the flow and make everything else creepy :P. A really weird fact is that I only got inspiration and ideas for the song at night - in the day, all I could do was play around with the song a little, but at night new melodies, ideas and inspiration came rushing to me xP. Anyway, as for that outro, maybe if I slow down the ending a little it won't be abrupt. Anyhow, thanks again for the helpful review!

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