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Racing Through Eternity

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Before starting, 0-bombers, PLEASE, CUT ME SOME SLACK. I worked like HELL on this, so please, just for once, vote fairly. PLEASE.

Now that that's over, let me start properly...
After weeks and weeks of hard work, here's a sequel to my song Speeding Through Infinity (http://www.newgrounds.co m/audio/listen/293530). Well, not exactly a sequel, more of a better version. On my way home on the school bus, my schoolmates had their mp3's set to a ridiculously high volume, and they were always listening to trance, so since I heard so much professional trance (I don't usually listen to trance) through their extremely loud headphones, I picked up a few tricks. Things I worked on:

01.) Changed the synths, each and every one.
02.) Improved the intro, extended it too.
03.) Added MUCH better percussion.
04.) Removed the limiter from the master channel :D.
05.) Added choirs, removed the weird pad after the intro and added a heavily reverbed arp to make it sound atmospheric (and cool :P)
06.) Added sweeps and removed the reverse cymbals.
07.) Reverbed kick isn't so weird.
08.) Complicated the song even more (49 automation clips, ironic that I have more automation clips than patterns).
09.) Added some panning.
10.) Added pitch-bent square waves.
11.) Varied the percussion more.
12.) Better buildups.
13.) MUCH better transitions.
14.) Slowed down from 170 BPM to 160. 170 was too much.
15.) Added a break and a new melody.
16.) Took away the old ambient part/piano solo and made a much better one.
17.) Added more sound effects, including my first try at reverse reverb.
18.) EQ'd.
19.) Better volume levels.
20.) Snare rolls, shaker rolls and kick rolls.

This uses a mixture of synths I made myself with Sytrus and Vanguard and some edited z3ta+ presets. It also uses Magnus Choir for the choirs, 3xOsc for the noise used for the sweeps, the SGM V2.01 for soundfonts, and drum samples I downloaded. The new square wave melody actually was from a song I made ages ago which I didn't submit. By coincedence, it uses the same chord progression as this song xD. Also, I know this song sometimes gets very busy and full of action, sometimes even cluttered, that's just because I imagined flying through 'eternal space' with so many stars, planets and different matter surrounding, and each synth, each note, represents a different thing that speeds past you. So when the song has a lot of things going on at the same time, think of it as a lot of different matter and stars surrounding you. The ambient part/piano solo here is where you suddenly stop racing so fast, and everything around you becomes a blur. Slowly, everything speeds up again, and your race continues. I ended this with a fade ending on purpose.

So yeah, long author's comments. Thanks to borntodj167, aliaspharow, Darklight17 and Blackhole12 for hearing it and giving me helpful tips and advice, Darklight17 for helping me with the melody at the beginning and borntodj167 for inspiration. I hope you enjoy this, it's by far the hardest song I ever worked on.. In FL Studio, it laggs so much that to do something simple such as scroll from left to right in the playlist takes a whole 1 minute and a half (not joking). Heck, even when it's idle it eats up 88% of my CPU. Thanks for listening, please leave a review (I'll respond and if it's helpful I'll review back) and enjoy your race through eternity!

EDIT: Forgot to thank the awesome people who reviewed my old song, helped and supported me:

EDIT 2: Turned the volume down, added some new stuff to the ending and made it loop *to some extent*.

EDIT 3: Thanks to all of the 14 people who fav'd this, 31 people who reviewed this and 700 and something people who downloaded this. It's currently at 4.44 in score, thanks a lot to everyone who voted it up so high. It's very much appreciated. I doubt I'll get a top 30 because of 0-bombers though.

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Giving a look around your audios I got on mind that I would review this song but I forgot (sometime around april or may 2010) =P. So here it is my review. The instruments are perfect and the story is pretty cool. I love the rythm. One of your best songs in my opnion. I also found awesome the intro because it reminds me of your Chaoz Fantasy Remix - WIP loop.

Step responds:

Thanks dude.

The Chaoz Fantasy WiP uses the same effect and a similar sound for the intro so I can see why it reminds you of it. The sounds took me a long time to choose so I'm glad you like those :3.

Yeah even though this is such an old song I'm still very proud of it.
Thanks for reviewing!

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4.90 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2010
8:28 AM EDT
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