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Dec 18, 2009 | 1:34 PM EST
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Rated 4.38 / 5 stars
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Electronic - Trance

Author Comments

Well, in some of my newsposts I mentioned that I was doing a collab album with Scooter-16, which was going to have 2 collab songs, a few of my songs and a few of his songs. I finished my songs and we did the collab songs, but since he was too lazy to make his songs for the album (:P) we decided to submit our two collab songs to NG. This was the leading track of the album (Supernova) and we worked really hard on it. It took us around 8 hours of non-stop work, and then another few weeks of on and off work, so in other words, yeah, we worked hard.

When a supernova explodes, according to Scooter-16, it doesn't explode once, but explodes more than once. That's what we tried to achieve in this song. At first, there's an ambient part, representing a majestic spacey sky, and one lone star, and then the bells come in, and after drums, indicating that it's about to explode. Then we did an explosion sound effect (yeah, I know explosions aren't heard in space since a sound wave is longtitutional and longtitutional waves can't travel in a vacuum, but we had to fill up that space with something :P) and a crazy melody started. After it plays, the song calms down a little, with some bells and quiet drum beat. Then, it builds up again, and we have another explosion. The crazy melody plays again, except even crazier, and finally, once it's done, the song does a whirr down effect, and it slowly moves back to ambient. So there, that's the life of a supernoava...

This uses very heavily edited FL Sytrus presets, a synth I made myself for the crazy melodies, a whirr down effect I made myself too (these were all made on Sytrus) and a few drum samples I downloaded. I also experimented a little with panning for the first time, and EQ'd for the first time too. This also has one of my favourite endings from all of the songs I ever made.

Anyway, enough chit-chat, I hope you enjoy our hard work. Took us ages to get the melodies right, and although it may've not come out perfectly, we're quite proud of the outcome. Enjoy the song, and don't forget to vote and comment: I respond to all reviews and if your review is helpful, I'll try and review back (with a VERY big review :D).



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Scooter-16 is Echo I guess? Anyway, this sounds a lot more like cheery christmas music than a big space explosion. Yeah well I get the idea, which is basically that the song has dynamics. Anyway as you said the melody doesn't make much sense or anything. I honestly don't remember how the songs you made before this sounded at all but this isn't too bad.

it's kinda cute how you describe the song in such detail by the way..

Step responds:

"Scooter-16 is Echo I guess?"

No, Scooter-16 is my alt. I was such a loner back then that the only person I could collaborate with is myself.

Naw just kiddin', of course it's Echo.

"Anyway, this sounds a lot more like cheery christmas music than a big space explosion."

I must've gotten into some weirdass Christmas mood before I made this song then because the next one is most definitely cheery Christmas music.

"Yeah well I get the idea, which is basically that the song has dynamics. Anyway as you said the melody doesn't make much sense or anything. I honestly don't remember how the songs you made before this sounded at all but this isn't too bad."

Yeah, this one's kinda pleasant to the ears, unlike a lot of the old ones. Still doesn't make sense :3.

"it's kinda cute how you describe the song in such detail by the way.."

No it's embarrassing and humiliating. ;_;


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Is the best trance song I've ever heard. Honestly, it's awesome! It's long compared to all most of the other trance songs on Newgrounds, and it has great drum work. I can't say anything else, to busy listening to song! =P

Step responds:

Wow lol, I made this ages ago xP. Well, glad you enjoyed it, although I think Racing Through Eternity is a better trance song than this lol.

Thanks for reviewing!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Holy Shrimp!

Gr8, Am@zing, A smash and all That.
The intro was fantastic, it has a spacey feel to it and makes you prepare yourself for what's coming. The explosion and beginning melody was good but i felt the instrument was a bit too low pitched for my taste. Then when the third instrument comes in, Too good for words. The effects were a nice touch, and then the outtro was very nice.
The drums were gr8 and modern and not at all generic, i felt it had a glitchiness to it. I liked it a lot.
The panning in the song was cool but it was a bit too much in my opinion which gave you a bit of a headache with a surround system.
The transitions were good but the explosion was getting a bit annoying.
#I think you should do like a ParagonX9 remix of these but use a different name and what not. Like the Chaoz Series. Call Shadow nova or sumfin' like that, good ey?Anyway, the synths sound good and home-made except that fantasia one, amma right?They were very interesting and they complimented the drums and vice-versa which is quite hard to do.
The melodies were brilliant and didnt get repeteiv.
The EQ'ing was awesome cuz it perfected it.

So Here 'goes
Review my song End of the world when you have a chance, mmmkay?

Step responds:

Haha, thanks for the review, man!

Yeah, the intro. I personally liked the part when the fantasia bells came in and started playing quick notes.

Hm... you're actually quite right about the low pitched instrument. Maybe I should increase it an octave and add like 40% sub-level to it...

Glad you liked the effects :D.

The drums are an edited improvised bongoes and they did get pretty repetitive, so I don't think they were THAT good, IMO. I know about the huge ammounts of panning. It was my first song with panning, and I didn't know how effective panning was. Besides, I'm deaf from one ear so I have no sense of panning :(.

Oh come on, we only used the explosion twice, lol :P.

We're not allowed to remix something without crediting it, so remixing a PX9 track while using a different name, but if you mean use the idea of making a series of similar songs like the Chaoz series, it never occured to me ^^.

The synths were all either made with Sytrus or heavily edited Sytrus presets, except the Fantasia sound. Glad you liked the melodies and EQ-ing :D.

Anyway, thanks for the review. I'll review End of the World when my exams calm down a little. Glad you enjoyed it!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


nice work you did there. very nice synths and melodies. especially the ending was great. but at the end it sounds like there's another song about to mix in and suddenly it's over ^^ anyway, I like it.
keep it up, both of you!

Step responds:

Hey, thanks for the great review ^^. About that ending, it's probably because we did a drum beat and introduced a new synth at the end, so if we ever continue it, at least we know that it's easy to continue :D. Anyway, thanks again for the review, the 10 and the feedback!