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50th song woot


review, vote and enjoy



works very well...

most of your song heard so far only listened to once... however... this one has a very high replay value to it.. 3rd 4th time listening to this one...

well u already have gr8 reviews but here's my take

Overall the ambient side really stuck out to me the most, but the DnB section does not really work in my opinion. Then the glitchy DnB outro into ambient was delicious.

First, I think the filters you used in the beginning combined with the slightly detuned sounding piano of a beautiful melody gave it a good but slightly creepy feeling atmosphere. Which I think is pretty wicked.

When you dropped into the first main percussion at 0:37, some of your mixing seems overdone. This may be where our tastes differ the most, but your percussion seems like it has overly extreme reverb on it, which you might think maybe counters the really filtered intro, but actually just sounds awkward in comparison to both the melody and the genre. It's almost like your listening to a song with a really good mix but in a small closed off cave. And in the cave you cant feel the percussion so much because of all the reverberations of the music taking up space instead of possible intricately creating more percussion layers or having any instruments with effects or having dynamics change more.

When you dropped into the glitchy DnB section around 1:34 the reverb fit very well because the IDM style DnB glitch like that does not stray from that in regards to genre and works much better with the IDM ambient style then pure DnB. The last part was my favorite for sure.

Melody: 10/10
Percussion: 7:10

If anything doesn't make sense it's I'm on drugs, Cheers!

- LD -

SessileNomad responds:

heavy reeverb is probably the number one thing that people tell me that dont like about my precussion, and honestly, i think the only thing that was really reeverbed was my snare, but w/e, point is yeah i put alot of reeverb on stuff, but i like it that way xD

dont worry my good friend, it all made sense, what are you on?

and yes i did get goose bumps in this one...

well, i have to agree with blackattack... The build up is pretty insane but some effects could of used a bit more work. for instance, the bass slide at 0:57 witch seems like it was added at the last minute is missing some effect that could of made it fit in a lot more and i also think the piano doesn't sound as good as it could, but that might just be me. There is also a section, from 1:08 to 1:18, were the rhythm seems to switch to trance. but it's not something really negative, i just thought it was kind of weird. But i have to say the build up, especially at the entry point at 0:37, is one of the best I've herd on NG. Also very nice effects but that bass slide still bugs me.
P.S. don't take any of my reviews personally. I'm just trying to introduce serious reviewing to the world of NG. (constant compliments are a thing of the past)

SessileNomad responds:

no the reverse kick was used at the start of the constructing of this song

that swith to trance, its kind of somthing i like to do with songs like this in order to combat repetitiveness

peace out



I enjoyed this thoroughly, this is a nice DnB song.

Excellent beginning and buildup, it flowed flawlessly, and the tempo variances only helped to improve that flow.

Good work with the synths, I don't think there was a single synth out of place.

Melodies were beautiful, as well as the chord progressions and the chords themselves.

Something about that EQ'ed piano is just so beautiful....what inspired you to create this piece? It's so unique.

The ending was flawless, especially with that piano thing, this deserves none other than a 10/10. Nice job, man.

SessileNomad responds:

EQing isnt anything especially crazy on anything really, i took alot of the bass out of the piano cuz the sample i was using clipps really bad when its even got a normal amount of bass

as far as the ending, i dnt think ive ever finished a song in this fashion, with like the tonic chord, ussually i do somthing retarded to try and try and make it sound finished, but im taking music theory this year so im learning alot of shit that is good for anyone to use to make stuff sound profesional

i did try and EQ the drums to really have an impact, thats why the kick is quite bassy, i almost decided to use a gabber kick, and have another synth sidechained to it to use in certain parts to totally take this to a new extreme of glitch/ambience, but i decided to make this more listenable to more people

one thing i might say about the piano, after the phaser part is over and the kicks are in a 4x4 pattern for a bit, i put in a pad that was playing the same notes as the piano, and it totally added a new depth to the piano, it was so odd, but i kept it, that might be what your hearing with the piano

im rambling a bit, so im just gona say thanks for the review dude, glad you liked it, peace out


Nice glitchy and lo-fi

Unlike Supersteph54, I do like me some glitch from time to time.

I like how it started out crackling in a really lo-fi style. You have a nicely set band pass filter there too.

Reverb-y closed hihats are good. Flawless transistion to the full beat.
I think the beat is quite in-your face, perhaps a little too bassy to fit with the rest of the style.

You've got a very nice ambience going in here though. I guess with delayed and reverbed synths.

The glithy effects on your drums are very well done (what did you make that with?) Maybe the climax of the song could've lasted a bit longer, but overall, it's a very nice product.

Keep it up and such!


SessileNomad responds:

AWW hey its MICH

thats not a band pass filter, i just EQ'ed them with like very little highs and no lows

the beat being in your face...i dont really know what to say about that, personal taste i guess, i like it though

hmm i could have had a secondary climax right after it, coulda been good

the glitchy effects on the drums are just arpegiations, really simple to do compared to other glitch effects

peace out


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Sep 22, 2009
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