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i spent a bit of time on this one, so listen to completion

whoa i made a song without piano in it, how is that possible

Enjoy, Vote, Review, Fav, yada yada

peace out




Just awesome really. Don't really have any criticism for this at all actually. Far better that I could ever do. Keep up the good work.

SessileNomad responds:


No big objections

I ain't a big D'n'B fan, although I do prefer it to techno or trance.
The track seemed kinda loose, a little fucked up during the 30 first seconds, with the drums going crazy and all, but the song is constructed in a way which doesn't make it feel fucked up after all... So I guess that's a real positive point, preventing the listener to commit suicide :P. But of course it's glitch music, so it's gotta be a little fucked up.
About the instruments, hmm well I don't have any particular objection to any of them. The very fast synth at 1:02 in my opinion was really cool, had a sort of racing feeling to it, I liked that. Most of them weren't too new or interesting since they're the instruments people usually use on D'n'B. But what I enjoyed were the little brief synths here and there...like the one at 1:02. I wasn't too fond of the synths that came in at 1:14, seemed kinda high pitched compared to the rest of the song, but it didn't feel like it didn't belong here either.
In my opinion this song would go perfectly with a game like "Archer McClean's Mercury", just a simple remark.
Scene: it was real tricky to find one, I'de always end up imagining wierd games and all, but I found something good;
Miami, 10:29 P.M.
Shortly after a plane arrives not too far from the city, a man shows up with his girl and a few friends.
The story behind this man, is a story about his passion for cars, and his illegal street races. For a couple of years now, he has been doing these races, but a dangerous accident that almost cost his life made him stop. That was 2 years ago. Since then he lived a calm life with the help of all the money he had earned. That was until an old friend of his told him that there was gonna be a race in Miami. It was stronger than him, he had to do it. So he took a plane there with his girl and some buddies.
The race is in a week, and in his opinion, he might only have that amount of time to live. So he came a week early, in order to have time to analyse the track, and enjoy the night life with his friends. All the drinks he can take at night makes his head burn and brain blow. The fast, silent rides he takes with his car on the soon-to-be track, makes his racing soul revive once more. He opens the window next to him while he drives, the fresh night air flowing through his badly shaven face, making the alcohol effects go away... His mind gets clear again...
Sorta ran out of ideas afterwards... Tell me what you think man.


SessileNomad responds:

lol great scene man, i totally was thinking different things when i made this, but to each his own i suppose

about the track, looking back, there are a couple of things i would change, so i can understand some of you remarks towards it

thanks for the scene man, you're doin a great job with everyone

Project S'more man!

OK, This was insanely perfect and gr8 beyond all reason, u rock man, this song was a gr8 balance between drums, more drums and summ instruments this was a pure work of art, tx to you, i just realised i love glitch sogs :P Anywayzezzzzz Nice job and i'd like 2 hear more of yer songs, so 10/10, 5/5 and download!

SessileNomad responds:

im glad you like glitch tracks now xD

i got more, go check em out :)

peace out thanks for the review


If theres one thing i can respect about the song, it is the careful attention, and complex editing that has been applied to the breaks! it's good to see someone who realy knows how to chop some sick beats (not enough d&b producers do it these days imo).

By the way, the guy below me VVV mentioned "dblue"... I downloaded it, and it's very useful! So is there any other realy good (free) VSTs that you could recomend?

All i have is Massive, a real nice Reeverb plugin, and then all them stock Fruityloops plugins.

SessileNomad responds:

dblue is a good program, use it sparingly though, effectrix costs money and does just about the same thing, it has more options though, and it just certain effects differently...

i dont even have massive so your ahead of me in some spots

ill pm you

thanks for the review


Woah. Someone who actually uses dblue with automation rather than letting it sit there in the default settings, which sounds like crap.

SessileNomad responds:

ll i fucking know, i hate when people just leave it sitting there, i have like 6-8 dblues being automated at different times, and thats just for the drums

glad you understand, peace out man

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Nov 28, 2009
9:06 PM EST
Drum N Bass
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