B0UNC3 - Paradise on E[Fi

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Length: 3:24
Uploaded 7/15/05

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i love this

Hearing a remix first brought me here. I didn't realize it was THAT old of a song (although I know its a classic) but I'm simply amazed by this gem & wish I heard it in all its glory originally.

Man I feel old now.


Your melodies are so magical <33 Even after 11 years of listening to it, I still get amazed by it every time..

I've recently remixed ''Crying Soul'' (It's on youtube, newgrounds and more) Not because I think I did better on it, but because of the nostalgia en bringing people back to that time. People have to know who you are! Even tho you probably don't like this kind of music anymore, you know you did before and you should still be proud of what you put out here for us. This music has meant a alot to me and still does.

I want to remix more of your songs in the future if that's okay with you :)

Good to hear that you're starting again with music, but also kind of sad that it isn't in the good oldschool style. But hey, As long as your melodies are as magical, it doesnt matter. And maybe one day you could make a throwback song... Just one more (preferable alot more hahah)

Good luck man ^^

~ DJ Spyroof