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Mr. Shifty

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A slightly eclectic ambient-techno-hop track. This won't be for everybody, but just go with it ;)

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Sounds quite wicked and has a greatly strange vibration to it like I was walking a kitty in the city. The hip hop trance feeling is cool too. Really great feeling all around on this piece. The drums and keyboards were so cool as well, I loved those sounds. I like how upbeat the whole tune in overall.

The really high sounds remind me of cats though, aside from that this is cool and the drum breakdown was cool. excellent piece of work, kind of helps you chill out and relax.

aww snap shun

dis shit be the bees knees an shit shun...dont give up and youll be da one who makes it in dis cruel biz of drugs and $$$$$$$

Gorgorothx responds:

Word, kudddddd

i never wrote a review for this song but...

i should have cuz you need to know how awesome this track is! your shit is always pretty awesome..when we came down there to go watch ghengis squid showed me a bunch of stuff you had burnt on a cd and it was freakin trippy as hell and very..flying lotus-ish anyways thqnx 4 making an awesome track..i downloaded this btw so i could drive around and listen to it..for some reason this song makes me want to drive through some cities idk why. good job b^^d

Gorgorothx responds:

Heh thanks Dale. I'm just now getting back into making my own shit and I think I'm going to step it up a few notches and not just accept anything from myself. Hopefully it'll work out lol

Goin with it

Awsome... i know im late but wth.... i saw the flash before listin to the music 1st *Tendril* so it kind of spoiled it a bit for me *Shame Y-Y*
but i do like the intro nice added battle/fightin FX in there :P

Oh yeah, Ambient-Techno-Hop! :D

Haha, i like this track man.
After listening to your Hip-Hop track this is something completely different and it's SO much better than your Hip-Hop track :P
There are some things that you can improve though, but i'll get to that later. I'll write down what i like first, then some points to improve and then i'll write some things that come to my mind when i listen to this song ^^

Good points:
You have very nice beats and the drums really fit the song. I also like your melodies and the synths that you used.
The structure of the song is pretty solid too.
Oh, and i think that the title really suits the song, good job with that.

Points to improve:
At some points in the song the drums are too loud. For example at 00:45 you can hear drums and, if you listen really good, you can hear a melody too.
I think it shouldn't be that way. Drums should support the song and not make the song, if you get what i mean.
And that break at 01:31 sounds really random :P
I think that would sound alot nicer when you play more with the velocity of the notes.
Also, the song sound a bit empty at some places. Likes it's missing power, i don't really know how to describe it :P

Now, you may have noticed that the ''Points to improve'' section of my review is longer than the ''Good points'' section, but that's not because this song has more bad points than good points.

Little story:
When i hear this song i picture a funny looking guy walking through the streets of a city. He's very happy and on his face is a big smile.
But when he continues to walk through the street he sees some things that make him more sad.
The sun slowly crawls behind the high skycrapers and it's starting to get dark. The guy's smile slowly dissapears and the happy feeling gets replaced with fear.
He starts to walk faster. Now he starts to run.
He doesn't know where he is going, he just wants to get out of there! :-(
Suddenly he realises that he's not in the city anymore, but on a long road.
He can barely see a thing, but he just continues to walk along the road.
Slowly he moves into the dark, until we can't see him anymore.

Here's a short summary of this review and i'll tell you the things that i find the most important.
-Lower the volume of the drums, or make the melodies louder.
-Improve that part at 01:31 by playing with velocities and also change some notes
-Add some power to the song. Maybe this can be solved by making the melodies louder, but i'm not sure of that.


Gorgorothx responds:

Heh, I like your style ;) Your reviews are nothing short of amazing, MH16. The drums can definitely be a little overbearing, and I think I have too much of a fondness for percussion... so much that I like to make it stand out more than the melodies, etc.. haha. The part at 0:46 that you were referring to was done like that on purpose, as kindof a little break to flow into the next, more busy part. I actually did mess with the velocities quite a bit, but what I probably should've focused on was adding a few more drum sample layers to make it seem more realistic. Thanks so much for stopping by, you're reviews put a smile on my face!

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4.87 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2009
10:43 PM EDT
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