Reviews for "Mr. Shifty"


All I can say is that you have some amazing chops when it comes to drum tracks, this song especially though, The rhythm is steady enough to be used for just about anything, but the other aspects of the song fit perfectly, the intro's really nice too. This ones going in my favorites.

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks, Syd. I'm really glad you enjoyed this. I mean structurally it's quite "different", and I think that's why alot of people can dig it ;) Cheers for your good review, and for stopping by!


the begining is just a lil drawn out but other than that sick beat yo, Respect

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks man, cheers!


This is definitely one of my favorites =D

I think what you did with the ambience was awesome, especially so because it flows so well with the hip hop beat.

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks, man. I really enjoyed making this, and I'm glad you enjoyed listening! Cheers

Kept my interest...

I enjoyed the strange loud beeping noises throughout...at about 1 minute 40 seconds in, when the song got kind of dark, was my favorite part. The drums give the song a nice feel as well. Awesome Job man.

Gorgorothx responds:

Yeah the last half is my favorite, too. Thanks for checking it out, dude!

I felt it

Not saying this would be a song I would listen to every day but I
liked it.

Gorgorothx responds:

haha Thanks for stopping by, dude!