Reviews for "Mr. Shifty"

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What did you mean weird, this song has one of the best beats in it.
A nice try for an experimental track, I thought it would be really weird (because you said that in the PM) but it isn't weird. It has a nice ring.
very clean and very nice.

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks for stopping by, Niels. How's the club going? Sorry i havent been around much, I've been pretty busy with final papers and stuff for school.


Definetly 1 of your best

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks dman!

Wow, Hot!

I like it. I like those switches in the melody and tempo of the song! The effects you used are cool, too! I canĀ“t wait to show it to my friends!
Summary: Great song! I like it!

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks dude. I appreciate the feedback!


Cool sounding experimental track. Hate those damn zero-voters...

Gorgorothx responds:

lol yeah someone zero-voted this 45 seconds after I submitted... the song is over 3 minutes ;) Oh well. Thanks for stopping by, dude!

=D Sweet

Yay!! I really liked it!
Thanks for making (part) of this song for me. It matches real well. The beginning was a little slow and boring, but the rest of it was pretty exiting and over-all well... EPIC ;) Can't wait for your next song, whatever it may be.
Twas awesome! 10-10 5-5

Gorgorothx responds:

Can't wait to see it in the flash!