Reviews for "Mr. Shifty"

Fuckin Sweet Shit

Not gonna lie, this is pretty sick stuff. I like how you made it transition with the beat. Keep up the bitchin work!

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks, man. I love them drums ;)


I like the change ups
Cool drum beats
The eclectic structure really works well

The drums could be programmed to sound a bit more natural, the beats are good, but it could use a smidgen of more polish
There needs to be something to put the whole piece into a cohesive whole. to tie it all together, it could be anything really... or maybe go back to the first melody a couple of times

Gorgorothx responds:

haha I know exactly what you mean. This was just kindof a mashup of different ideas... I just said fuck it and made it into a song. Thanks for listening, and not just zero-bombing it after 30 seconds of being posted like some douchebag did ;)